wiar 12-02-17

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Dec 02 (Saturday)

Despite 58 panic attacks, this market is actually melting up, says Ed Yardeni (C)
Wall Street falls on Russia probe, but tax hopes soften blow (R)
Tech stocks cede ground to beneficiaries of tax cuts (FT)
Mutual funds cut exposure to high-flying ‘FAAMG’ stocks (FT)

Central banks
Top Fed Official Sees No Need for Fiscal Stimulus at Time of Solid Growth (W)
Fed’s Bullard Warns Yield Curve May Invert in a ‘Bearish’ Sign (B) | Presentation

Global manufacturing hits multiyear high (FT)

Jobs galore but when will wages finally pick up? (R)
Shoppers Say They Hate Christmas in October, but Stats Show They Don’t (W)
Once-Monthly Opioid Addiction Injection Cleared for U.S. Sales (B)

Schulz sets tough agenda for German coalition talks (FT)

Prices Begin to Rise in Deflation-Wracked Japan (W)

US politics
GOP Says It Has Votes for Tax Bill (W)
Flynn Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Cooperate (W)
Trump Rejects Reports That Tillerson Is Being Ousted From State (B)

Seoul says North Korea puts Washington in range, but needs to prove critical technology (R)

Industries & companies
Autos: Detroit Puts Profits Over Revenue With Declining Rental-Car Sales (W)
FAANGs: Amazon’s Venture Into Groceries Hasn’t Unnerved Investors (B)
Retail: US retailers lure customers with spas and parties (FT)

Corporate finance
Blackstone Offers $6 Billion for Petrobras Pipeline (B)

Bitcoin Futures to Start Trading as Regulator Gives Thumbs Up (W)
Bitcoin Futures Are a Bet That Digital Money Will Take Over the World (B)
Bitcoin Is the World’s Hottest Currency, but No One’s Using It (W)
A ‘Big Four’ accounting firm is accepting bitcoin payments (BI)