wiar 12-27-17

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

Dec 27 (Wednesday)

A Banner Year for Corporate Debt (W)
The Next Big Trade for Bond Investors Is Betting on U.S. Homeowners (B)
Commodities Are ‘Screaming to Be Bought’ (B)
Metals: Copper Rises, Buoyed by Demand Hopes (W)

Central banks
Can Central Banks Keep Control of Interest Rates? (W)

Home Prices Jump in October (W)
Post-Holiday Rush: Homeowners Line Up to Prepay Tax Bills (W)

Slow and Steady: Japanese Inflation Creeps Higher (W)
Five Years of Abenomics: The Good, the Bad and the Sluggish (B)
Unemployment in Japan hits 24-year low (FT)

China’s Top Decision Makers Pledge Personal Loyalty to Xi Vision (B)
China Bets on More State Control for 2018 (B)
China Snares Innocent and Guilty Alike to Build World’s Biggest DNA Database (W)
China Takes Another Green Step Forward (W)

Emerging Markets’ Dream Run Could See a Reality Check in 2018 (B)

US politics
Trump Administration’s Next Big Push: Infrastructure Rebuilding (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: New Cost-Cutting Strategy for Airlines: Buy Planes in Bulk (W)
Autos: Latest Entrants Into Electric Car Race: Makers of Post-Its, Paint (W)
Autos: Autonomous Cars Need Tougher Batteries, Lithium-Ion Pioneer Says (B)
FANGs: Apple Changes Business of Selling Your Browsing Data (W)
Financials: Tax Law Could Further Slow Down a Bank Favorite: Jumbo Mortgages (W)
Media: Disney-Fox Deal Gives Glimmer of Hope for Movie Lovers (W)
Media: ‘Last Jedi’ Weekend Slump Is Second-Worst Among Star Wars Films (B)
Retail: Retailers Offer Myriad Returns Options to Retain Customers (W)
Tech: Chip Makers Aren’t Stacking Bets on Cryptocurrencies (W)

Corporate finance
Mallinckrodt to Buy Sucampo Pharmaceuticals for About $840 Million (W)

FT Series: The end of ownership (FT)

Bitcoin Catches U.S. Regulators Off Guard (W)
Japan and South Korea at heart of cryptocurrency fever (FT)

Wildfires Scorch California Earth, and Its Air (W)
HQ Trivia App Puts On-Demand Generation on a Strict Schedule (W)