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Jan 02 (Tuesday)

What Inflation Could Mean for the Market (BR)
A healthy economy is a risk for stock markets (FT)
Pension Funds Ask: What to Buy When Nothing Is Cheap? (W)

Credit & commodities
The Big Players in the Bond Market? Small Investors (W)
Sharp Reversal: Natural-Gas Investors Are on Edge (W)

Feds Employ Data-Driven Early Warning System in Opioid Fight (B)
In Cities With Low Unemployment, Wages Finally Start to Get Bigger (W)

European finance sector scrambles over Mifid II rules (FT)
No Idea What MiFID Stands For? Here’s What You Need to Know (B)
Brussels set for battle over EU’s post-Brexit budget (FT)

China tightens cap on bank card withdrawals abroad (FT)

US politics
Proposed Changes to Offshore Drilling Rules Raise Questions (W)
Tax overhaul adds to IRS challenges amid cuts (FT)

Kim Jong Un Offers Opening to South Korea But Warns of Nuclear Option (W)
France Looks to Deepen Trade Ties With Russia and China (W)

Industries & companies
FANGs: The Limits of Amazon (W)
FANGs: A Browser You’ve Never Heard of Is Dethroning Google in Asia (W)
Financials: Goldman expects $5bn hit from US tax reforms (FT)
Industrials: What New Tax Law? Caterpillar Fights to Protect Its Swiss-Made Profits (W)
Media: ‘The Last Jedi’ Is 2017’s Highest-Grossing Film (W)
Pharma: Glaxo: Expect a Speedy Recovery (BR)

Corporate finance
Hoping for an Avalanche of Huge IPOs in 2018? Get Ready to Wait (W)
Stock Buybacks: Separating Myth from Reality (BR)
Why Facebook May Consider a Cash Dividend (BR)

For Bitcoin, A Year Like No Other (W)

Nobody’s Ready for the Killer Robot (B)
Clothes company backs humans over sewing robots (FT)

California Launches the First Legal Retail Sales of Marijuana (B)