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Jan 05 (Friday)

U.S. Stocks Have Had Few Years Start as Well as 2018 Has (B)
Don’t Trust Dow 25000. The Economic Cycle Is Broken (W)
Fewer Listed Companies: Is That Good or Bad for Stock Markets? (W)
Commodities Are on Their Longest Winning Streak in History (B)

Central banks
Fed Puts Positive Spin on Wall Street’s Trusty Recession Signal (B)
Randal K Quarles: Thoughts on prudent innovation in the payment system (BIS)

Here’s How the Winter Deep Freeze Will Affect the U.S. Economy (B)
How Did Consumer Borrowing Change After the Great Recession? (FRB-SL)

China’s manufacturing sector is picking up steam (BI)

US politics
Trump Administration Proposes Massive Expansion of Oil Drilling (W)
Proposal Exempts Small Businesses From ACA Health-Insurance Rules (W)
Breitbart Owners Debate Ousting Bannon Amid Trump Feud (W)
Trump Lawyer Demands Book Critical of President Be Shelved (W)

U.S., South Korea Agree to Forgo Military Exercises During Olympics (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: VW, Hyundai Turn to Driverless-Car Startup in Silicon Valley (W)
Tech: Tech Giants Race to Address Chip Flaws With a Potentially Vast Impact (W)

Corporate finance
Toshiba sells Westinghouse in $4.6bn deal (FT)

Google and Intel Beware: China Is Gunning for Dominance in AI Chips (W)
As Cars Gain Autonomy, Traffic Deaths Hit 69-Year Low in Japan (W)

Bitcoin Is a Hit in Nations That Lack Stable Financial Systems (W)
Bitcoin price is a distraction, says big tech investor (FT)

Blizzard Conditions Threaten East Coast (W)
The Rise of Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ (W)