wiar 02-13-18

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Feb 13 (Tuesday)

Dow closes more than 400 points higher after its worst week in 2 years (C)
Morgan Stanley Strategist Who Predicted Volatility Says Buy Now (B)
Dalio Says ‘We’re Past the Top’ in Bonds, Sees Rising Risks of a U.S. Recession (B)
Bridgewater Takes Short Bet Against Europe to $14 Billion (B)
Tech ETF Hit by the Largest Outflows Since the Dot-Com Crash (B)
Tighter monitoring for computer trading demanded (FT)

Central banks
The Fed is officially in a nail-biting showdown with Wall Street (BI)

Is the U.S. Due for a Recession? (FRB-SL)
A Long Era of Low Health Care Inflation May Be Coming to End (B)

Germany’s SPD fights to restore order ahead of vote (FT)
Italy’s Five Star wants EU debt restructuring push (FT)

US tax reform
The Tax Law Is About to Make Analyzing Earnings Trickier (W)

US politics
Trump is announcing a huge $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan — here’s what’s in it (BI)
Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America (White House)
Trump Proposes $4.4 Trillion Budget for Fiscal 2019 (W)
Trump’s Deregulation Has Had Little Economic Impact, Goldman Says (B)

US open to direct talks with North Korea, says Pence (FT)
Tillerson: Too Early to Assess Latest North-South Korea Overtures (W)
New Formula: Pressure Plus Diplomacy on North Korea (W)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Kraft Heinz Made Its Factories Really Efficient. Now It Has to Sell Bologna (W)
FAANGs: Apple Backs Maker of OLED Screens for Augmented-Reality Devices (B)
Financials: Ten Years After the Crisis, Banks Win Big in Trump’s Washington (B)
Media: Unilever threatens to pull ads from tech platforms (FT)
Tech: Tech companies are the new investment banks (FT)
Tech: Oracle Leaps Into the Costly Cloud Arms Race (W)

Corporate finance
Broadcom Secures as Much as $100 Billion of Debt Funding for Qualcomm Bid (W)

European banks break ranks over cryptocurrencies (FT)

Trump wants to have a massive military parade (BI)