wiar 02-23-18

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Feb 23 (Friday)

Wall Street climbs as interest rate concerns ease (R)
Corporate Earnings Look Good, But Investors Already Know That (W)
If You Believe Quants, Nothing Happened in Markets This Month (B)

Opinion: ‘Bond vigilantes’ should die a quiet death (MW)
Spotted: Some Possible Good News In Rising Bond Yields (W)

Asset management
Goldman Sachs Raises $2.5 Billion to Buy Stakes in Private-Equity Firms (W)
How Gargantuan Can Private Equity Get? (W)

Central banks
Fed Officials Say Economy Is Ready for Higher Rates (N)
Fed’s Randal Quarles hails buoyant US economy (FT)
Fed’s Dudley Warns on Cryptocurrencies (W)
ECB minutes reveal fears over Trump currency wars (FT)
ECB Keeps Guidance Change on the Radar for First Half of 2018 (B)

Leading Economic Indicators Index Rises (W)
The Economy Is Getting Hotter. Is a Productivity Boom Next? (N)
To Get Into the 1%, You Need Adjusted Gross Income of $480,930 (B)

‘Frugal four’ team up against Brussels’ budget plans (FT)

US politics
Pass-Through Businesses Rethink Their Status in Wake of Tax Law (W)
Trump Suggests Giving Bonuses to Trained and Armed Teachers (N)
N.R.A. Chief Invokes 2nd Amendment in Attack on Democrats (N)

The Big Loophole That Helped Russia Exploit Facebook: Doctored Photos (W)
Olympics Closing Ceremony Will Be Chance for Ivanka Trump, North Koreans to Meet (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Begins Taking Model 3 Orders (W)
Autos: Tesla Wants to Help You Charge Your Electric Car at the Office (B)
Financials: Democrats win bank backing ahead of deregulation vote (FT)
Financials: Barclays swings to net loss of almost £2bn (FT)
REITS: Real estate investors suffer bond market blues (FT)
Retail: The Trend in Online Shopping: Not Shopping Online (W)

Corporate finance
Companies Could Get More Flexibility to Launch IPOs (W)

What Bitcoin Rout? Sales of New Digital Tokens Are Still Soaring (W)
Limiting the downsides of artificial intelligence (FT)

China’s Approach to 2022 Winter Olympics: Faster, Higher, Stronger, Cheaper (W)