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Mar 06 (Tuesday)

Stocks Surge on Speculation Trade Threat Overstated (B)
Earnings Don’t Pack Much Punch After Long Stock Rally (W)
U.S. Will Be World’s Largest Oil Producer by 2023 (W)

Central banks
Inflation Clarity Eludes the Fed and Markets (B)
Fed Study Finds Inverted Yield Curve Still Good Recession Alert (B) | FRBSF Economic Letter

U.S. Services-Sector Activity Remains Robust Despite Employment Drop-Off (W)
Why the U.S. Trade Deficit Is Worse Than it Seems (W)
The Baby Boom and the U.S. Productivity Slowdown (FRB-SL)
Demographics Give a Big Head Start for Family Income and Wealth (W)

Italy Faces Political Paralysis After Populist Jolt (W)

China Congress Applauds Xi’s Bid for Indefinite Rule (W)

US politics
House Speaker Ryan Breaks With Trump Over Steel Tariffs (W)
Where Corporate Taxes Are Poised to Rise Because of Tax Overhaul: States (W)

A New Phase Opens on North Korea; Is the U.S. Ready? (W)
Kim Jong Un Holds First Known Meeting With South Korea (W)
Trump links planned steel tariffs to Nafta negotiations (FT)
U.S. Metals Tariffs Would Hit Canada Much Harder Than Mexico (B)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Amazon in talks to offer bank accounts with JPMorgan (FT)

Corporate finance & cybersecurity
AXA to Buy Insurer XL Group for $15.3 Billion (W)
Due Diligence on Cybersecurity Becomes Bigger Factor in M&A (W)
When to Report a Cyberattack? For Companies, That’s Still a Dilemma (N)

Crypto Exchanges Are Raking in Billions of Dollars (B)

Here Come the Fake Videos, Too (N)
Millennials to Fashion Brands: Sex Doesn’t Sell (W)