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Mar 12 (Monday)

Ed Yardeni: Why Stocks Will Keep On Cooking (BR)
Global Politics Emerge as a Dicey Influence on Markets (W)
Time’s Up for Small-Caps (BR)
How ETF Popularity May Encourage Debt-Taking (W)

Central banks
China’s Central Bank Quietly Gets a Little Independence (FT)

Multinationals pay lower taxes than a decade ago (FT)

The Great Labor Crunch (BR)

Italy is storing up trouble for the eurozone (FT)

Xi Jinping Clear to Rule Indefinitely as China Scraps Presidential Term Limits (W)
Xi Jinping is using his growing authority to amass even more (E)
A steamroller in reverse: China’s share of global and Asian exports is falling (E)

US politics
White House Considers Liddell to Succeed Cohn (W)

GOP Talks of Bill to Thwart Trade Tariffs (W)
EU, Japan Press for Tariff Waivers as U.S. Weighs Criteria (W)
Trump threatens German carmakers with tariffs (FT)
Tariffs: The threat to world trade (E)
A tariffically bad idea: The looming global trade war (E)
Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Tariffs (BR)

Trump on Talks With Kim: ‘Tell Him Yes’ (W)
U.S. Will Make No Concessions Before North Korea Talks, Pompeo Says (B)
Mattis Warns Syria, Russia on Chlorine Weapons (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Auto Industry’s Cure for Electric Car Blues: Be More Like Tesla (W)
Autos: Tesla Temporarily Suspended Model 3 Production in Late February (B)
Consumer: Don’t Dump Your Staples Yet (BR)
Financials: Amex to woo retailers with biggest fee cut in 20 years (FT)
Financials: Insurers Game Medicare System to Boost Federal Bonus Payments (W)
Media: ‘Black Panther’ Surpasses $1 Billion in Sales After China Debut (B)

Corporate finance
Intel May Intervene in Broadcom’s Effort to Buy Qualcomm (W)
Broadcom Schedules Vote on Plan to Become a U.S. Company (W)
Deutsche Asset-Management IPO Values Unit at Up to $8.9 Billion (W)

Robots Won’t Solve the Worker Shortage (BR)
The 99 technologies coming next (FT) | List
Why Blockchain Will Survive, Even If Bitcoin Doesn’t (W)

SpaceX Mars Ship Could Make Short Test Flights in ’19, Musk Says (B)
Where Will Apple Put Its Fourth U.S. Campus? (B)
It make sense for Amazon to build its second HQ near Washington (E)