wiar 03-17-18

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Mar 17 (Saturday)

Credit Suisse Tells the Rich to Buy Stocks If They Missed the Rally (B)

Central banks
Powell’s view on Phillips Curve will shape rate debate (FT)

Housing Starts Tumble (W)
Is America Running Out of Unemployed People to Fill Jobs? (W)

Macron presses Merkel on eurozone reform (FT)

Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women (B)

US politics
Backed by Kudlow, GOP Dares Democrats With ‘Phase Two’ of Tax Cuts (B)
White House to Deploy Ivanka Trump to Promote Infrastructure Plan (W)

Trump Readies Sweeping Tariffs and Investment Restrictions on China (N)
In Targeting China, Trump Could Hit a Big U.S. Export (W)
Wary of China, Europe and Others Push Back on Foreign Takeovers (N)
Trump’s tariffs head for a legal minefield [at WTO] (R)
EU starts retaliation process against U.S. tariffs (R)
Navarro’s Nucor Ties Highlight Trump Advisers’ Steel-Industry Connections (W)

How Hong Kong Makes Evading North Korea Sanctions Easier (W)
North Korea Makes Millions Selling Power to China (W)
Trump administration goes cold on Russia (FT)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Nestle Sees Demand for Premium Pet Food Driving Purina Growth (B)
Financials: Bonus Drought Over as Deutsche Bank Seeks to Retain Talent (B)
Financials: U.S. Widens Wells Fargo Sales Probe to Wealth Management (W)
Tech: LinkedIn’s $27 Billion Challenge: Get People to Use It More (W)

PwC Has an Answer for the Blockchain: Audit It (W)
Do You Own Bitcoin? The IRS Is Coming for You (W)

World’s Largest Economies Can’t Agree on How to Tax Digital Companies (W)