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Mar 19 (Monday)

Central banks
Yi Gang Picked to Take Helm of People’s Bank of China (W)

US economy learns to tune out Trump chaos (FT)
The Next Housing Crisis: A Historic Shortage of New Homes (W)
The High Cost of Caregiving (BR)
Health Care Costs Could Drop (BR)

Why Japanese houses have such limited lifespans (E)
A startling amount of land in Japan has no official owner (E)

With Grip on Power Assured, China’s Xi Elevates Lieutenants (W)
Top Treasury Official Misspoke in Saying China Talks Ended (B)

Putin Sails to Easy Victory in Russia Election (W)

US politics
Trump Steps Up Attacks on Mueller Investigation (W)

Trade Groups Ask Trump Administration to Halt China-Tariff Plans (W)
Germany Steps Up Push to Foil Tariffs With Washington Talks (B)
In a trade war Germany is the weakest link (FT)
Tech tax deepens EU-US trade rift (FT)
“Huge” Trade Deficits Are Smaller Than You Think (B)
A reasoned response to Trump’s irrational tariffs (FT)

America v China: The battle for digital supremacy (E)
Clean power is shaking up the global geopolitics of energy (E)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Facebook in storm over Cambridge Analytica (FT)
FANGs: Facebook Ignites Debate Over Third-Party Access to User Data (W)
Financials: U.S. Widens Wells Fargo Sales Probe to Wealth Management (W)
Financials: US bank derivatives books larger since Bear rescue (FT)
Retail: Can Retailers Keep Pace With Shoppers? (W)
Retail: Old Navy Could Lift the Gap by 25% (BR)
Tech: Why Some ‘Fortnite’ Friends Can’t Play Together (W)

What’s That Thing You’re Sending an Email With? Um, It’s a BlackBerry (W)