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Mar 22 (Thursday)

Could ETFs Fall Into a Liquidity Jam? (W)
Why the Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso Have Diverged (W)

Central banks
Fed Raises Interest Rates, Signals Faster Path Next Year (W)
Powell fails to sway investors following ‘dot plot’ (FT)
Powell’s Fed Debut Shows Shift Away From Theory, Models (B)

Retiring Workers Aren’t Weighing on Productivity but Their Replacements Are (The Street)

The EU’s ‘digital tax’: how US tech would be hit (FT)

China’s Xi Tightens Party Reins Over Streamlined Government (W)

US politics
Mueller Investigated Sessions for Perjury on Russia Statements (B)

Trade I
Trump Administration Tells Lawmakers China Actions Are Needed (W)
China to Target Trump’s Base in Tariff Response (W)
Trump to Announce $50 Billion in China Tariffs, Sources Say (B)
Lighthizer Says WTO ‘Wholly Inadequate’ to Deal With China (W)
China says WTO ruling on Obama tariffs shows US is a ‘repeat abuser’ (C)

Trade II
U.S. Signals Some Allies May Get Break on Metals Tariffs (W)
Trump’s Steel Tariffs May Take a Swipe at Battery-Storage Market (B)
Germany Rules Out Economic Shift Amid Pressure From Trump (W)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Cheerios Could Get Pricier as General Mills Faces Rising Costs (W)
FANGs: After Days of Silence, Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Facebook Crisis Over Data Use (W)
Financials: Travelers Unveils Insurance That Caters to Millennials (W)
Restaurants: Starbucks Aims for More Mobile Orders (W)
Retail: How One Investor Made a Fortune Picking Over the Retail Apocalypse (W)
Tech: Twitter’s Chief Information Security Officer Departs (B)

Corporate finance
Global deals surge past $1tn at fastest ever pace (FT)

If It Looks Like a Fish and Swims Like a Fish, It Might Just Be a Robot (W)

How to Keep Facebook From Oversharing Your Info (W)