wiar 03-26-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

Mar 26 (Monday)

The Unseen Forces Behind the Market’s Plunge (BR)
JPMorgan Sees Market Overcoming Stock Rout, But Beware Trade War (B)

Central banks
Donald and Jerome’s Excellent Economic Adventure (W)
San Francisco Fed Leader Is Front Runner to Serve as N.Y. Fed President (W)
Stephanie Pomboy: How the Fed Will Trigger the Next Crash (BR)
China asserts Communist party control over PBoC (FT)

China’s big city populations shrink as caps take effect (FT)

US politics
Health-Insurance Premiums Loom as Issue in Midterms (W)

Mnuchin ‘Hopeful’ Truce Can Be Reached With China on Trade (B)
Trump Closes Era of Constructive Economic Engagement With China (B)
For U.S. Farmers, China Tariffs’ Timing Is Brutal (W)
Retaliation Threats, Intense Lobbying, Alliances: How Tariffs Exemptions Were Won (W)
Winning at Tariffs: Be From Exempted Nation, Produce in U.S. (W)
Apple’s Cook to Trump: Embrace Open Trade (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Airlines Conquer Long-Haul Flights. Now Can Passengers? (W)
FANGs: Facebook Comes Under Siege (BR)
FANGs: Facebook and Google Face Emboldened Antagonists: Big Advertisers (W)
Financials: Citigroup to Again Be a Nationwide Bank, but in Digital Form (W)
Industrials: The Long Shadow of GE Capital Hangs Over GE (W)
Media: Time Warner Investors Face a Win-Win (BR)
Pharma: Getting medicines to market faster (E)
Tech: Cloud Software Stocks Rise on M&A Hopes (BR)

Corporate finance
Dropbox IPO Defies Market’s Gravity With 36% Jump (W)

Most Stressful Job on the Road: Not Driving an Autonomous Car (W)
Waymo Chief Confident Tech Could Avoid Uber-like Incident (W)

Robots Could Replace Surgeons in the Battle Against Cancer (B)