wiar 04-18-18

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Apr 18 (Wednesday)

Bank Investors Keep Taking Profits, No Matter the Earnings Beat (B)
Trump’s Yuan Devaluation ‘Warning Shot’ Isn’t Having Much Impact (B)

Central banks & IMF
Fed’s Williams Says Inverted Yield Curve Powerful Recession Sign (B)
China Central Bank Takes Pre-Emptive Move Against Ebbing Growth (W)
IMF Forecasts Global Growth of 3.9% This Year, Strongest Since 2011 (W)

Industrial Capacity Utilization Hits Three-Year High (W)

Balkan states clear hurdle in quest to join EU (FT)

2019 Looks Like a Crunch Year for Japan’s Economy (B)

How Long Until China Cranks Up the Debt Engine? (W)
Huawei, Called a Security Threat by the U.S., to Focus on Other Markets (W)
China’s Huawei backtracks on 5G shift (FT)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Weighs New Trade Action Against China (W)
FCC Takes Aim at Chinese Telecom Gear (W)
U.S. Tech Caught in Crossfire of China Trade Fight (W)
China makes concession to US by opening car industry (FT)
Trump Says U.S. and North Korea Had Direct, ‘High-Level’ Talks (B)
U.S. and U.K. Jointly Warn of Russian Cyberattacks (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Halts Model 3 Production Again (W)
FANGs: Netflix Continues Growing Subscribers (W)
FANGs: Facebook Is Creepy. And Valuable. (N)
FANGs: Tech Stocks Outperform After Netflix Delivers Again for Bulls (B)
Financials: Four Big U.S. Banks Enjoy $2.3 Billion Tax-Law Windfall (W)
Financials: Goldman Profit Surges but Investors Lament Lost Buybacks (W)
Financials: Goldman eclipses rivals as trading unit rebounds (FT)
Retail: Walmart Is Making Its Website a Little Less Like Walmart (W)

IRS Experiencing Computer Problems on Tax Day (W)
The IRS Really Needs Some New Computers (B)