wiar 04-20-18

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Apr 20 (Friday)

Either Respect Amazon When Investing or Risk Getting Run Over (The Street)
Daily Markets Overview

Commodities Shoulder the Blame for Hits to Treasuries and Stocks (B)

Central banks
Don’t Fear the Yield Curve—Just Yet (W)
Fed Will Accept a Recession Before It Allows High Inflation (B)

China Quietly Rolled Out a Very Big Bang (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Japan’s Surging Car Exports Raise Risk of U.S. Trade Fight (W)
EU Seeks to Avoid U.S. Steel Tariffs by Reviving Trade Pact (W)
Proposed U.S. Tariffs on China Risk Penalizing Manufacturers Unevenly (W)

How North Korea’s Hackers Became Dangerously Good (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: What If Tesla’s Time Is Running Out? (B)
Consumer: Sentiment sours for big brand consumer staples (FT)
Consumer: Big Consumer Brands Like Raising Prices, but It Is Getting Harder (W)
FANGs: Amazon Prime Has More Than 100 Million Members (W)
FANGs: Facebook’s 2017 Privacy Audit Didn’t Catch Cambridge Analytica (Wired)
Tabaco: Philip Morris Shares on Track for Worst Day in a Decade (W)
Tech: In a U.S.-China Tech Battle, Companies Caught in Middle (W)
Tech: Lagarde urges greater scrutiny of Big Tech (FT)

Corporate finance
Qualcomm Is in the Eye of U.S.-China Storm Again (W)
P&G to buy Merck’s consumer health unit for €3.4bn (FT)

A Robot Does the Impossible: Assembling an IKEA Chair Without Having a Meltdown (Wired)
Palantir Knows Everything  About You (B)
Google’s New AI Head is So Smart He Doesn’t Need AI (Wired)