wiar 04-28-18

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Apr 28 (Saturday)

Amazon Closes in on Title of Largest U.S. Company (W)

Central banks
Bank of Japan Ditches Inflation Target Date (W)

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.3% Rate (W)
US wages jump on back of sturdy economic expansion (FT)
Twin Surprises: Americans Are Getting Paid More But Not Spending it (W)
US subprime auto bears will have their day (FT)

Europe’s Mixed Economic Fortunes Complicate Path for Reducing Stimulus (W)
Britain and the EU Are Pulling Back From the Cliff—For Now (W)

Mayday on May Day? Trump steel tariff deadline looms (R)
Europe and the U.S. Teeter on the Brink of a Trade War (B)
Can Merkel Win Anything On Trade From Trump? (N)
NAFTA officials put top-level talks on hold until May 7 to consult with industry (R)
“Mexico First” Campaign Could End Welcome for U.S. Oil Giants (N)

Koreas Agree to Pursue Peace Deal (W)
Trump Says Kim Jong Un Summit Location Narrowed to Two or Three Possibilities (B)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Amazon Surges After Stunning Wall Street With Its Near-Perfect Quarter (B)
FANGs: Apple Sours Tech Sector’s Week With Earnings Anxiety (B)
FANGs: Facebook Faces Tough Questions in Britain (N)
Media: Cable TV’s Cord-Cutting Woes Grow With Pressure From Netflix (W)
Tech: Microsoft’s Cloud Has Business Booming Again (N)

Corporate finance
Sprint and T-Mobile Are Said to Be Close to Merging (N)

Tesla Expects to Make Some Money Off Elon Musk’s Tunnel Company (B)

The Crypto Crime Wave Is Here (W)