wiar 05-14-18

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May 14 (Monday)

Why the Buyback Boom Is Bullish for Investors (BR)
Opinion: S&P 500 should be 1,000-plus points lower than it is today, strategist Rosenberg says (MW)
Morgan Stanley Outlines Strategy for ‘End of Easy’ in Markets (B)
The Case for Shorting Tech and Buying India (BR)
China’s Stock Market Is About to Burst Onto the Global Stage (B)
A Late-Cycle Contrarian Play: Buy British (BR)

Credit & commodities
Can oil prices extend their Iran-fuelled rally? (FT)
Timber! Lumber Prices Vulnerable to a 50% Fall (BR)
As the U.S. Retreats From Trade Deals, Dollar May Suffer (W)

Gas Is Headed for $3. What That Means for the U.S. Economy (W)

Italy’s 5 Star, League Reach Deal on Government Program (W)

Why Asia Will Come Out on Top as Emerging Markets Get Shaken Up (B)
Ghost of Overcapacity Haunts China Steel Shares Again (B)
In China’s cities, young people with rural ties are angry (E)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Businesses to Make Their Case Against China Tariffs (W)
Trump orders U-turn over sanctions on Chinese telecom group (FT)

Industries & companies
Autos: ‘Made for China’ Is Hyundai’s New Mantra (B)
Autos: Tesla Executives Step Away, Adding to Auto Maker’s Challenges (W)
Pharma: Reckoning for Drug Middlemen Is Postponed, Not Canceled (W)
Retail: Walmart shifts global strategy to battle Amazon (FT)

Corporate finance
A New Wave of China Tech Giants Near IPOs (BR)
Xerox Drops Fujifilm Merger Plan, Strikes a Deal With Activists (W)

How mobile money is spreading (E)
Will Google’s Robot Pick Good Stocks? (BR)

Data protectionism: the threat to global business (FT)