wiar 05-17-18

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May 17 (Thursday)

Stocks Rise, Led by Retailers (W)
Global Oil Stocks Fall to Three-Year Low (W)
Morgan Stanley Says a Shipping Revolution Has Oil Headed for $90 (B)
Tencent’s Shares Were On Fire. Now They Aren’t, and Analysts Are Getting Worried (W)

Central banks
Williams Says Fed’s Era of Market Hand-Holding Is Nearing an End (B)
Fed’s Quarles suggests U.S. could cut foreign banks’ capital requirements (R)
Top ECB official calls for speed on banking union (FT)

US shoppers spending again as retail sales climb (FT)
Industrial production rises strongly; homebuilding tumbles (R)
Financial Conditions Are Starting to Get Tighter (W)
Why the Credit-Card Boom May Have Just Peaked (W)
As gig economy grows, U.S. lenders reluctant to relax income rules: survey (R)

Italian assets undermined by political concerns (FT)

A Jump in Japan Wages Gives Hope (B)

Harvard’s Reinhart Says Emerging Markets Are in Tougher Spot Than During ‘08 Crisis (B)
In Emerging Turmoil, What Links Argentina and Turkey? (W)

US politics
Trump Faulted for Failing to Disclose Payment to Stormy Daniels (B)

North Korea Balks at Hard Line on Nukes, Widening the Divide (W)
US brushes off North Korean threats to quit summit (FT)
Total warns of Iran pullout over US sanctions threat (FT)

Trump Says ‘There Has Been No Folding’ Over Possible ZTE Deal (W)
Trump’s Goal for Nafta Rewrite Looks Unattainable in 2018 (W)
Navarro to Be Excluded From China Talks (B)
China denounces trade unilateralism, defends free trade (R)
US-China ‘very far apart’ on trade, says ambassador (FT)
EU split over how to respond to Trump (FT)

Industries & companies
Autos: GM’s Next Battle With Ford: Really Big Pickups (W)
FANGs: Can Amazon Convince Whole Foods Shoppers to Join Prime? (W)
Retail: Nike Hits Record High With Investors Shrugging Off Executive Upheaval (B)

Technology & cryptocurrency
SEC Tries to Scam ICO Investors to Show Them How Easy It Is (B)

‘I Am the Mastermind’: Mohammed bin Salman’s Guide to Getting Rich (W)
MoviePass Proves Great for Customers, Awful for Investors (W)