wiar 05-19-18

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May 19 (Saturday)

Profit margin question hanging over US stocks (FT)
This Is the Week That Markets Started Paying Attention to the End of Easy Money (B)
Wall Street’s ‘Sell in May’ could be fading away (R)

Credit & commodities
Italian bonds hit seven-month low on political deal (FT)
China sees rise in companies defaulting on bonds (FT)
Gold Bulls Push for the Exits on Strong Dollar and Lack of Fear (B)

Central banks
Fed’s Bullard Sees No Need to ‘Scramble’ to Hike Rates (B)

Mortgage Rates Hit Seven-Year High as Ultracheap Era Ends (W)
Which Jobs Are Workers Most Willing to Move For? These Ones (W)

Five Star and League strike Italy government deal (FT)
Why Italy matters so much to Europe (FT)

China’s vanished current-account surplus will change the world economy (E)

US politics
Who Will and Won’t Pay the AMT? (W)
Trump suggests FBI may have infiltrated his campaign (R)
Chinese bank offers clients $150,000 chance to meet Trump (FT)

Geopolitics & trade
China Agrees to Buy More U.S. Goods and Services (W)
Mexico says many NAFTA issues remaining but not complex ones (R)
Trump adds veiled threat to N Korea reassurance (FT)

Industries & companies
Autos: Et Tu, Tesla? The Escalating War on Middle Management (W)
Consumer: Campbell CEO Departs as Sales Cool (W)
FANGs: Trump Wanted to Double Amazon’s Postal Rates, Report Says (B)

Corporate finance
Goldman Teams With Former Honeywell CEO in $690 Million M&A Push (B)

AI Can’t Reason Why (W)