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May 25 (Friday)

Ed Yardeni Discusses Global Investment Strategy with Barry Ritholtz (B)
Daily Markets Overview

Opinion: Stock market bulls have to admit that the bears might be right (MW)
Yields at 3% Fail to Entice Some of the Biggest Treasuries Fans (B)
Should bond-market investors sell in April and go away? (MW)
3 Misconceptions About Interest Rates
Emerging Markets Are Worrying Investors, Again (N)

Central banks
Europe’s Economy Throws a Wrench in the ECB’s Plans (W)

U.S. Existing Home Sales Fell in April (W)
U.S. Home Values Are Rising at Their Fastest Pace in 12 Years (B)
Rising U.S. Bond Yields Are Being Felt Across the Economy (W)
U.S. Pump Prices Highest Since 2014 for Memorial Day (B)
Record $319 Billion Stashed in U.S. College 529 Savings Plans (B)

Macron to Silicon Valley: Embrace Europe’s Regulations (W)

In Booming Japan, the Phillips Curve Is Dead (W)

US politics
1,000 Cuts to Dodd-Frank: Tracking Trump’s Wave of Deregulation (B)
New Jersey Warns IRS Against Banning Property Taxes as Charitable Gift (B)
Trump’s GOP Allies Worry Over Possible New U.S. Auto Tariffs (W)

Trump Calls Off Summit With Kim, Cites ‘Hostility’ (W)
Trump Declares Military ‘Ready’ After Kim Summit Collapses (B)
Trump’s Threat of Auto Tariffs Complicates Nafta Talks (B)

Industries & companies
Pharma: Pfizer under pressure to resolve EpiPen shortage (FT)
Retail: Best Buy Shares Fall After Company Signals Slowing Growth (W)

Self-Driving Uber That Hit Pedestrian Wasn’t Set to Stop in an Emergency (W)
Amazon’s Alexa Eavesdropped and Shared the Conversation (B)

Bond Trader Reaps 2,000% Profit by Just Trusting the Fed (B)