wiar 05-30-18

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May 30 (Wednesday)

U.S. Stocks Tumble as Italian Woes Jolt World-Wide Markets (W)
Global financial shares hit by Bank of Italy warning (FT)
Defaults of Crises Past Haunt China’s Markets (W)

Credit & currencies
Italian Political Impasse Envelops Country’s Corporate Bonds (B)
Good luck making sense of the two-year Italian bond explosion (FT)
Bond Traders’ Confidence in Fed Rate Path Crumbles (B)
The Silver Lining to Italy’s Political Storm: A Tumbling Euro (B)

Central banks
Technology-Enabled Disruption: Implications for Business, Labor Markets and Monetary Policy (Dallas Fed)

Home Prices Continued to Rise in March (W)
Americans Buoyed by Job Conditions, But Wage Outlook Is Cooling (B)

Political Drama in Italy Revives Fears of Eurozone Crisis (W)
Mattarella gambles on facing down Italy’s populists (FT)
Driving Italy out of the euro makes no sense (FT)
Europe’s banking problems are a major concern (FT)
EU leaders spar as Italy crisis deepens (FT)

‘Gradualism Is Dead’: Argentina Faces Pressure to Hasten Economic Overhaul (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Pompeo to Meet With High-Ranking North Korean Ahead of Summit (W)
U.S. Catches China Off Guard With Plan to Move Ahead on Trade Curbs (W)
White House tariffs move reboots China trade war (FT)
Europe Must Brace for U.S. Curbs on EU Metals, Malmstrom Says (B)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Food Companies Churn Through CEOs, Desperate for Fresh Ideas (W)
FANGs: The iPhone may not be what pushes Apple over $1tn (FT)
Financials: Citi Flirts With Reviving Debit-Card Rewards at New Online Bank (B)
Pharma: Allergan Recalls Taytulla Birth-Control Packs After Pills Placed Out of Order (W)
Restaurants: Pret A Manger Overshadowed by Starbucks But It Sees Growth Ahead (B)

Corporate finance
DOJ Approves Bayer-Monsanto Deal but Requires Asset Sales
Deal-hungry JAB to buy Pret A Manger for £1.5bn

Are Huawei and ZTE a Real Cybersecurity Threat?

The Operating Room of the Future
Brain Surgeons Get a Better View From Augmented Reality