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June 02 (Saturday)

Markets rally as US jobs growth calms volatility (FT)
It Didn’t Feel Like It, But May Was a Win for U.S. Equity Bulls (B)
Risks of more drama in repricing of Fed rate policy (FT)
Italian bonds’ volatility exposes liquidity strains (FT)
It’s 2007 Again for Commercial Mortgage Bonds, Moody’s Says (B)
The Trump Trade Slump May Yet Happen: DealBook Briefing (N)

Brisk Hiring Pushes Unemployment Rate Down to 3.8% as Wages Rise (W)
Breakneck Pace of U.S. Job Gains Will Get Tougher to Sustain (B)
The Jobs Recovery: A Longer View (N)
Less-Educated Workers See Sharpest Drop in Unemployment (W)
Retail Workers’ Gains Drive Long-Awaited Pickup in U.S. Wages (B)

U.S. Factory-Sector Activity Accelerated in May (W)
Mighty May Auto Sales Show U.S. Economy Cruising in Sweet Spot (B)
Rising Wages, Trade Tensions Are Nasty Brew for Business (W)

Italy Hands Antiestablishment Parties New Task: Governing (W)
Italy’s new government puts Europe on edge (FT)
The Italian Saga Is Far From Over (W)
Why Italy’s Political Struggles Stoke Euro Worries (B)
Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy Ousted by Lawmakers (W)
Sánchez grasps his moment to seize power in Spain (FT)

Modi Lays Out Strategy to Bolster India’s Regional Role (W)

US politics
Energy Department Eyes New Plan for Nuclear, Coal-Fired Power Plants (W)
Trump’s Coal, Nuke Push Pegged to Security Threats to Gas Pipes (B)
Trump Breaks Protocol With Jobs Report Tweet Before Data Is Released (N)

Trade I
Europe Launches WTO Challenge to U.S. Tariffs (W)
White House to Impose Metal Tariffs on E.U., Canada and Mexico (N)
Within Hours, Trump Tariffs Force Firms to Confront New Threats (B)
Trump’s Trade Policies Threaten Millions of Jobs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Says (W)
The Economy Can Handle Steel and Aluminum Tariffs. The Real Risk Is Erratic Policy. (N)

Trade II
Trump Raises Prospect of Separate Trade Deals With Canada, Mexico (W)
Trump and Trudeau Spar as U.S.- Canada Ties Sour Over Tariffs (W)
How Trudeau’s Push for a ‘Skinny Nafta’ Deal Hit a Trump Wall (B)
Nafta Haggling Could Slide Into 2019 After Metals Tariffs (B)

Trade III
China Cuts Tariffs Ahead of U.S. Commerce Secretary’s Visit to Beijing (N)
U.S., China Haggle Over Purchases of American Goods (W)

Trump Says North Korea Summit Back On for June 12 in Singapore (B)
Feldman: With Talks Back On, Kim Bets Trump Will Accept Half a Deal (B)
Kim Jong Un’s Quest to Make North Korea Normal Again (B)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly (W)
FANGs: Apple Looks to Expand Advertising Business With New Network for Apps (W)
FANGs: ‘You’re Stupid if You Don’t Get Scared’: When Amazon Goes From Partner to Rival (W)
FANGs: AggregateIQ had data of thousands of Facebook users (FT)
Financials: Deutsche Bank Is Sick but Not at Death’s Door (W)
Tech: Samsung Plans Camera Revamp for Aug. 9 Note Unveiling (B)

Technology & cybersecurity
Fiat Chrysler Unveils Plan to Invest in Electric, Self-Driving Vehicles (W)
Visa payment systems in Europe suffer major outage (FT)
IRS to Spend Nearly $300 Million on IT in Tax Overhaul (W)

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage? (W)
A Vote to Upend Banking as We Know It (in Switzerland) (W)
Second Act for Corporate Titans: Startup Whisperers (W)
How Companies Use the Latest Profits Fad to Fool You (W)