wiar 06-11-18

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June 11 (Monday)

The Dow Gains 681 Points as There’s No Place Like Home (BR)
Daily Markets Overview

An Uneven Recovery in Stocks (W)
Tech Stocks Surge, but Anxieties Erode Valuations (BR)

Central banks
Now the Fed Must Reckon With Long-Term Strategy (W)

Auto Lenders Ramp Up Risk (W)
Just How Bad Off Is Social Security? (BR)

German Industry’s Bad News Just Keeps Coming (B)
Italy finance minister backs staying in euro (FT)

Emerging-Markets Rout Boosts Contagion Fears (W)
Apocalypse now? No, but watch EMs for more tantrums (FT)
China Finds a Slower, Steadier Growth Path (BR)

US politics
Howard Schultz In the Oval Office? Not So Fast. (BR)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Refuses to Sign G-7 (N)
U.S.-Canada Trade Feud Escalates After Fraught G-7 Summit (W)
Trump is presiding over extraordinary growth. G-7 leaders should notice. (WP)
Kudlow Blames Trudeau for ‘Betrayal’ Before North Korea Talks (B)
Trump: I’ll Know If Korean Summit Will Succeed ‘Within the First Minute’ (W)
Meeting With Kim Tests Trump’s Dealmaking Swagger (N)
China Becoming a Major Buyer of U.S. Cotton After Years of Stockpiling (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Southwest Airlines’ Stock Is Flying Under the Radar (BR)
FANGs: Amazon Blasted Over China Echo Factory Conditions (B)
Media: Electronic Arts Embraces Subscriptions for New PC Games (W)
Pharma: Big Pharma’s Tempting Payouts (BR)
Retail: A Year After Amazon Devoured Whole Foods, Rivals Are Pursuing Countermoves (W)
Tech: How Batteries Will Change the Power Business (BR)

Corporate finance
KKR Nears Deal to Buy Envision Healthcare for About $5.5 Billion (W)
Chinese Firm’s Takeover of Genworth Financial Passes U.S. Security Review (W)
Comcast, Disney Chase India’s Shooting ‘Star’ in Fox Deal (W)
Loews Dangles Buyout of MLP, Angers Investors (BR)