wiar 06-12-18

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June 12 (Tuesday)

Investors Return Home as Small Caps Lead the Way (W)
Daily Markets Overview

The Return of the Political-Risk Trade (W)
Quant Funds Are Selling Stocks With Hidden Volatility Building (B)
Electric-Vehicle Frenzy Sweeps Up Once-Unloved Metal: Nickel (W)
Trade tension fails to derail stronger US dollar (FT)
Mexico’s Peso remains the bellwether for EM (FT)

Central banks & IMF
The Fed has a surprise in store that could mean an early end to interest rate hikes (C)
Will the Fed Set Off a Recession Alarm? (W)
Lagarde Says Clouds Over Global Economy Are ‘Darker by the Day’ (B)

Germany’s SPD promises reform after critical report (FT)
France tells its banks to set aside more capital (FT)
Italy’s new government wants to deport 500,000 people (E)

US politics
As Net Neutrality Ends, Activists Push Congress to Restore Obama-Era Rules (W)
Companies in Limbo as States Adjust Taxes to Federal Overhaul (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Kim Jong Un Set Deadline for Ending Summit, Officials Say (B)
Summit Success Tied to Kim’s Turn to Economy (W)
Pompeo Says U.S. Relationship With G-7 Still Strong Despite Public Fight (W)
Macron resolute on trade as Trump bromance cools (FT)
American firms will be hit hard by retaliatory tariffs (E)
Chinese, Russian Presidents Lead U.S. Criticism at Regional Summit (W)

Industries & companies
Financials:  HSBC CEO Promises to Invest $17 Billion in Technology, Asia Growth (W)
Financials: ETF price war extends to new corners of the market (FT)
Tech: Microsoft Invests in Exclusive Games (W)

Corporate finance
Corporations Push Profits Into Tax Havens as Nations Struggle in Pursuit (W)
‘This Is the Uber Market’: Tech IPOs Soar Past Their FAANG Peers (B)
China’s Xiaomi Lost $1.1 Billion in the First Quarter (W)
Stryker Makes Takeover Approach to Boston Scientific (W)
Mars Expands in Pet Care With Deal for European Vet Firm (W)

Artificial intelligence will improve medical treatments (E)
Invented at Duke, Financed in Beijing: Powerful Spy Camera Shows China’s AI Ambition (W)

Cryptocurrencies Lose $42 Billion After South Korean Bourse Hack (B)
Wells Fargo Bans Cryptocurrency Purchases on Its Credit Cards (B)