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June 15 (Friday)

S&P 500 Rises as Central Banks Signal Gradual Tightening (W)
The junk-bond market has been blowing off the Fed — now it’s in for a rude awakening (FT)
Rates Back In Driving Seat For Markets, As ECB Ends Bond Buying (W)
Euro under pressure as ECB delivers ‘dovish taper’ (FT)
Look at banks and euro to judge central bank fallout (FT)

Central banks
ECB to End Bond-Buying Program in December as Crisis-Era Policies Wind Down (W)
Mario Draghi Might Never Get to Raise Rates at the ECB (B)

Retail Sales Soared in May (W)
U.S. Economy Seen Chugging Ahead of Europe and Asia (W)
IMF Sees U.S. Potential Growth at Half the Pace of White House Estimates (W)

U.S. Protectionist Stance Spooks Germany’s Economy (W)
Italy threatens to scupper EU’s Canada trade deal (FT)

China’s economy is starting to show its true colors again (BI)

US politics
Medicaid Expansion Gains Popularity in Red States (W)
Report Blasts FBI Agents, Comey Over Clinton Email Probe (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Shaping China Tariff List to Focus More on High Tech (B)
US prepares to slap tariffs on $50bn in Chinese goods (FT)
Trump Wins Fight Over Tariff Power in Senate (B)
Pompeo Says China Will Maintain Sanctions on North Korea (W)

Industries & companies
FANGs: A $15,000 iPhone-Hacking Box Has Apple Playing Defense (W)
Financials: Morgan Stanley’s CEO let it slip just how many billions the bank is spending on tech (BI)
Financials: Citigroup’s CEO has revealed just how many billions the bank is spending on tech (BI)
Retail: Etsy Raises Fees, Angering Sellers but Sending Stock Soaring (W)

Corporate finance
Judge Clears AT&T, Time Warner to Close Deal (W)
WeWork in Talks With SoftBank to Double Valuation to as Much as $40 Billion (W)
China’s Investors Pour Into Western Biotech Startups (W)
European tech IPOs begin to rival US successes (FT)

Elon Musk Outlines How His Chicago ‘Loop’ Transport Will Work (B)
Zelle, a payments service created by the 7 biggest US banks, is on track to be more popular than Venmo in 2018 (BI)

Big Investors Don’t Want Wall Street Analysts Snooping on Them (W)
Morgan Stanley is using robots to scour its clients’ social media profiles (BI)
This Robotic Chessboard Is Like Something Out of Harry Potter (W)