wiar 06-22-18

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June 22 (Friday)

U.S. Stocks Retreat as Trade Tensions Linger (W)
Small-Cap Stocks: Where Investors Hide in a Trade War (W)
Markets appear calm, but are behaving abnormally (FT)
Trade Concerns Hammer Global Auto Stocks (W)
Italian debt and equities hit by another sell-off (FT)

Commodities & currencies
Iran Threatens to Upend Possible OPEC Deal (W)
Japan’s Yen: A Currency for All Seasons? (W)

Central banks
Central Banks Go Their Separate Ways (W)

Italy blocks Merkel bid to outwit immigration rebels (FT)

US politics
The rise of a new generation of anti-Americans (FT)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Weighs Resuming China Talks with Split on Trump’s Trade Team (B)
India joins fightback against US steel tariffs (FT)
Eh Tu? Canada’s Tariff Response Targets U.S. Hankies, Boats, Jam (W)
Daimler warning over tariffs hits European carmakers (FT)
US business fears choppy waters due to trade tariffs (FT)
U.S. Military Aircraft Targeted By Lasers in Pacific Ocean, Officials Say (W)

Industries & companies
Financials: Wall Street Clears First Stress Test Hurdle With Ample Capital (B)
Financials: Fannie-Freddie Rise After White House Proposes Privatization (B)
Financials: Deutsche Bank Breaks Up Its Global Corporate-Strategy Group (W)
Media: A Spotify for Videogames? Companies Look Up to Cloud for Game Services (W)
Retail: High Court Rules States Can Require Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax (W)
Retail: Kroger’s New Approach to Stocking Shelves Is Boosting Earnings (W)
Tech: Intel CEO Resigns Over Relationship With Employee (W)

Corporate finance
Media titans duel for perfect ending in Fox bid battle (FT)

Technology & cryptocurrency
Fast Food: The Restaurant Where a Robot Makes Your Burger (W)
Amazon’s Face-Scanning Surveillance Software Contrasts With Its Privacy Stance (W)
Trend Analysis Suggests Bitcoin’s Bad Year Is About to Get Worse (B)

Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan (WP)