wiar 06-25-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

June 25 (Monday)

Dow Drops 2%, but U.S. Is Winning the Trade War (BR)
Trade Is an Afterthought in a Stock Market Still Glued to Earnings (B)
Are highflying tech shares too close to the sun? (FT)

Central banks
China to Unleash $108 Billion in Reserve Cut for Some Banks (B)
China Eases Credit Policy Amid Tariffs (W)
Fed Rate Cuts and QE Will Resume Soon (BR)

Trump’s Trade War Sets Bigger Booby Trap for Strong U.S. Economy (B)

France and Germany finally have a common position on euro-zone reform (E)

China is trying to turn itself into a country of 19 super-regions (E)
China steelmakers shift focus to south-east Asia (FT)

China considers its response to Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs (E)
A full-blown trade war between America and China looks likely (E)
Tariffs Are the Wrong Response to China (BR)
Tariffs’ Toll on Trade (BR)
As Tariffs Take Hold, It’s Corporate Crunch Time (BR)

Industries & companies
Financials: These Bank Customers Are Making a Bundle on Their Deposits (W)
Retail: Online Shopping Is About to Get More Expensive (W)
Tech: Intel’s Chip Stumble Is Letting Rivals Pull Ahead (W)

Corporate finance
Big Banks Poised to Supersize the Buyback Boom (BR)
U.S. IPOs Set for Busiest Week in Three Years (B)
SEC Probes Whether Firms Rounded Up Earnings Results (W)

Ransom Demands, Frozen Computers: Hackers Hit Towns Across the U.S. (W)

BlackRock’s Larry Fink: The New Conscience of Wall Street? (BR)
Does Sustainable Investing Lead to Lower Returns? (BR)