wiar 06-30-18

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June 30 (Saturday)

QT Has Been Bad News for S&P 500, So Look for a Market Drop Monday (B)
Investors Doubled Down on Tech Stocks in a Rocky Quarter (W)
Why Value Investing Works (Morningstar)
Emerging markets are in a death cross, and a technical analyst sees another big drop ahead (C)

Central banks
Inflation Gauge Hits Fed Target After Six-Year Run of Soft Prices (W)
Kudlow Bucks Tradition in Urging Fed to Hike Rates ‘Very Slowly’ (B)
Draghi Warns Risks From Trade War May Be Understated (B)

U.S. Consumer Spending Moderated in May (W)
Americans Worked Less Despite Job Growth (W)

EU’s Migrant Deal Reflects Ascendance of Nativist Parties (W)

China Taps the Brakes on Its Global Push for Influence (NYT)
China’s Biggest Movie Stars Get a Pay Cut (From the Government) (NYT)

US politics
Trump says he will interview Supreme Court candidates this weekend and announce pick on July 9 (C)
Trump Narrows List of Supreme Court Candidates to Five (W)
Opinion: Yes, corporations have brought home cash after the tax cut, but they haven’t put it to work (MW)
The new IRS tax forms are out: Here’s what you should know (C)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump: U.S. not withdrawing from the WTO (PO)
Macron on Trump suggestion to leave EU: ‘You can imagine my response’ (PO)

Industries & companies
Autos: GM Warns Trump Tariffs Could Lead the Carmaker to Shrink in the U.S. (B)
Media: Netflix is moving television beyond time-slots and national markets (E)
Retail: Amazon’s Pharmacy Deal Threatens Retail Drugstores (W)