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July 06 (Friday)

U.S. Stocks Rise as Investors Shrug Off Looming Tariffs (W)
Tax Wrinkle Spurs Pension Funds to Buy More Treasurys (W)

Opinion: To invert or not to invert? That is the Fed’s question (MW)
Here’s the new recession indicator presented to Fed officials (MW)

Central banks
Fed: Letting inflation run too hot could lead to ‘a significant economic downturn’ (C)
Fed Expects to Keep Raising Rates, Ending Years of Stimulus (W)
Fed says businesses are scaling back spending because of Trump’s uncertain trade policy (C)
Fed balance sheet runoff hits another snag (C)

U.S. Private Sector Continues to Expand (W)
U.S. Nonmanufacturing Activity Accelerated in June (W)
High-Income Americans Are the Most Upbeat on Record (B)

EU’s Nativist Swing Casts Shadow Over Bloc’s Future (W)

US politics
Trump privately indicated that he has settled on a Supreme Court nominee (C)
Scott Pruitt Resigns as EPA Chief (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trade War Threat Gets Real as Trump Confirms China Tariffs​ (B)
China says U.S. ‘opening fire’ on world with tariffs, vows to respond (R)
U.S. Industries Fear Worst Is Yet to Come From Trump’s Tariffs (B)
Why Made in China 2025 Will Succeed, Despite Trump (W)
Take Our Cheese, Please: American Cheese Makers Suffer Under New Tariffs (W)

Industries & companies
Industrials: Boeing to Take Over Embraer’s Commercial-Jet Business (W)
Retail: Walmart Takes a Stand on Guns, Gay Rights to Get People to Like It More (W)
Tech: Micron to Challenge Chinese Court Ruling Over Alleged Patent Infringement (W)

Corporate finance
Glencore Looks to Shore Up Investor Confidence With Buyback (W)
Doubts Grow Aramco IPO Will Ever Happen (W)

Crypto Hunters Get the Call for Tracking Down Lost Bitcoin (W)

Elon Musk’s Team Is Talking With Thai Officials for Cave Rescue (B)