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July 09 (Monday)

Big Opportunities in Tiny Stocks (BR)

Central banks
Fed Officials Debate Signal From Flattening Yield Curve: Is This Time Different? (W)
Jockeying Begins to Take European Central Bank’s Reins From Draghi (W)

Investors Stand to Lose From Wage Gains (BR)
Aging Bull Produces a Booming Jobs Market (BR)
Want more skilled workers? Create them (P)

May’s Brexit Plan: The Details, The Overtures and The Meaning (B)

For China, Tech Giant Tencent Is a National Champion and a Threat (W)

US politics
Trump Zeroes In on Supreme Court Pick (W)
Democrats are tying Trump’s Supreme Court pick to the special counsel’s Russia probe. Here’s why (C)
Administration Halts Payments Expected by Health Insurers (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Economic Strength Gives Trump Leeway in China Trade Fight (W)
How Tariffs Could Affect the U.S. Economy (BR)
Here’s where we are in the trade war – and what it means (C)
German Cars and American Steak: Early Trade War Victims Emerge (B)
North Korea Reminds Trump Its Nuclear Weapons Won’t Come Cheap (B)

Industries & companies
Financials: Betting on Banks Rebounding (BR)

Corporate finance
Stock Buybacks Are Booming, but Share Prices Aren’t Budging (W)
Technology companies have bought back $1 trillion worth of their stock since the bull market began (C)
Xiaomi has a lot to prove to US investors who are skeptical of Chinese tech (C)

This drone can fly dangerous missions for the military in areas where helicopters can’t reach (C)

Four Boys Rescued From Flooded Thai Cave (W)
LeBron James brings more than NBA championships — he has a track record of boosting local economies (C)