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August 20 (Monday)

Why U.S. Stocks Rule the World (BR)
The Bull Market Rumbles On Despite Turkey Turmoil (BR)
How to Invest in Emerging Markets Without Getting Gobbled By Turkey (BR)

Workers are about to take home their biggest checks in years: study (P)
A Surprising Bulwark for the U.S. Economy: Personal Savings (W)
Fewer Americans Uproot Themselves for a New Job (W)

As Euro Crisis Ends, Italy Stokes Fear of a Revival (W)

Local experiments with reform are becoming rarer under Xi Jinping (E)

US politics
Trump to Roll Back Restrictions on Coal Plants (W)
Trump Slams Social-Media Companies Over ‘Censorship’ (W)
Trump insists White House counsel is no ‘rat’ after report suggests he fed information to Mueller (C)
This exclusive ‘boot camp’ for congressional staffers is trying to make America bipartisan again (C)

Tariffs Will Hurt U.S. More Than Rest of World, Maersk Says (B)
Used car prices are weirdly spiking, and tariffs may be to blame (C)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Amazon’s No Bargain. Here’s Why Investors Keep Buying (W)
Media: Millennials are sharing streaming passwords, costing companies millions in revenue (C)
Tech: Big Spenders Pinch Chip Equipment Makers (W)

Corporate finance
China’s Anbang Looks to Sell U.S. Luxury Hotels (W)
Musk’s dream of taking Tesla private with current shareholders is going to be very hard, say experts (C)

What Your Car Knows About You (W)
Blockchain Is Starting to Show Real Promise Amid the Hype (BR)

Trump’s Disclosure Idea Would Take Investors to a Dark Place (BR)
Wall Street Erases the Line Between Its Jocks and Nerds (W)
Elon Musk Says Changing His Way of Working Is Not an Option (B)