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August 23 (Thursday)

Calling Bull on the Longest Bull Market (W)
It’s going to take a lot more for the stock market to start caring about Trump’s legal woes (C)
Goldman Says Keep Calm as Curve Narrows to Another 11-Year Low (B)
Turkey Meltdown Hits Japan’s Mom-and-Pop Investors (W)

Central banks
Fed Signals Readiness to Hike Again If Economy Stays On Track (B) | Minutes
Fed officials worry that the trade war poses the biggest threat to ‘strong’ economy (C)
Jackson Hole in Spotlight as Fed’s Key Rate Ticks Higher (W)

Home Sales Tumbled In July for the Longest Slump Since 2013 (W)
Million-Dollar Home Sales Are Gaining in U.S. While the 99% Balk (B)
Here’s who owns a record $21.21 trillion of U.S. debt (MW)

US politics
Manafort and Cohen weren’t the only Trump World legal bombshells this week. Here’s what you missed (C)
Trump Denies Cohen’s Claims as Scrutiny of Campaign Intensifies (B)
Trump Tells Fox He Knew ‘Later On’ About Hush-Money Payments (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Mexico says deal with U.S. on NAFTA issues may be ‘hours’ away (R)
For U.S. to Stay in WTO, China May Have to Leave (W)
From kayaks to fitness trackers, the latest round of China tariffs will cost US consumers more (C)
Trump Makes Multiple Gaffes Portraying Chevrolet as a Trade Victim (B)
GOP billionaire Ken Langone: ‘We’ve been patsies’ on trade, but Trump will level the playing field (C)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Even with a free carry-on, American Airlines bets travelers will still pay to avoid the cheap seats (C)
FANGs: Apple’s impressive rally is about to make CEO Tim Cook $120 million richer (C)
FANGs: Facebook Investors Who Bought the Historic Dip Aren’t Seeing a Quick Recovery (B)
Retail: Target’s Sales Growth Highest in More Than a Decade (W)
Restaurants: Olive Garden to offer full-year Never Ending Pasta Pass promotion for $300 (MW)

Corporate finance
Hartford Financial to Buy Navigators for $2.1 Billion (W)
Saudi Arabia reportedly calls off Aramco IPO and disbands advisers (C)

Don’t want Google tracking you? You have almost no choice, according to a study. (WP)
The Next Big Bet in Fracking: Water (W)

Video Podcast: YRI Fundamental Stock Market Indicator remains bullish for stocks.
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