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September 04 (Tuesday)

What if the Economy and Markets Are Even Better Than They Look? (NYT)
Daily Markets Overview

Will the Flattening Yield Curve Lead to Recession? (BR)

Tensions rise between Italy and the EU (E)

Emerging Markets
Another weak data point shows China’s economy is ‘now facing relatively obvious downward pressure’ (C)
China’s slowing demand for oil is a serious concern for the Middle East (C)
China’s Consumers Are On Point to Defend Economy From Trump (B)
How a Chinese City’s Debt Woes Sparked Local Outrage (W)
China Selloff Casts Foreigners in Unusual Role as Market Bulls (W)
Markets bash Argentina’s and Turkey’s currencies again (E)
Buy Turkey and Argentina? Emerging Markets Aren’t Bargains They Seem (W)

US politics
GOP’s Big Challenge in November: How to Reach Beyond Trump’s Base (W)
In Battle for Congress, Rising Economy Doesn’t Lift All Districts (W)
How Trump beat Ada’s big data

Geopolitics & trade
Trump’s Negotiating Style to Mark U.S.-Canada Nafta Talks (W)
Will Trump Finally Turn His Trade Guns on the WTO? (B)
The threat of tariffs may work (WashingtonTimes)
Why the US trade deficit is ‘made in America’ and won’t be cured by Trump’s strong-arming on trade (C)
Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers (NYT)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Alphabet and Facebook Are Out of the Tech Sector (BR)
FANGs: Facebook’s ‘family’ is getting smaller, as several executives head for the exits in a turbulent year (C)
Manufacturing: At Boeing Factory, Unfinished 737s Pile Up (W)
Retail: Best Buy Can’t Get No Respect (BR)
Retail: Family Dollar’s Problems Still Haunt Dollar Tree (BR)
Tech: Samsung is packing more tech into its mid-priced smartphones to appeal to millennials (C)

Corporate finance
China Startup Meituan Seeks $55 Billion Valuation in IPO (W)

A sense of curiosity is helpful for artificial intelligence (E)
What to make of cryptocurrencies and blockchains (E)

When Machines (and Humans) Decide to Sell at Once (W)
Am I Paying Too Little for Stuff? (W)
The Online Gig Economy’s ‘Race to the Bottom’