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September 14 (Friday)

We’re Living in What May Be the Most Boring Bull Market Ever (B)

Central banks I
BOJ Policy Makers Clash Over Banks’ Complaints (W)
ECB Lowers Growth Forecasts as It Confirms Stimulus Taper (W)
ECB Takeaways: End of Stimulus Approaches, but Caution Remains (W)
ECB Didn’t Discuss Much as Clock Ticks on QE Decision (B)
The Tricky Part of the Fed’s Next Rate Increases (W)

Warnings Keep Coming About a Downturn That Will Hit in 2020 (B)
Distrust, grit, relief, shock. What kids of the Great Recession think about money today (C)
Consumer Prices Moderate After Run-Up Earlier in 2018 (W)
As Economy Booms, U.S. Cities Report Slowing Revenue Growth (B)

US politics
House Republicans Move to Extend Individuals’ Tax Cuts (W)
U.S. Budget Deficit Widened in August, Treasury Says (W)
Feinstein Says She Has Relayed Information About Kavanaugh to Investigative Authorities (W)
Trump Hits Back at JPMorgan CEO James Dimon (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Plans to Rebrand Nafta, Warns Canada (W)
Most Economists See Tariff Effects on U.S. Economy as Limited (W)
Taking a Closer Look at U.S. Exports to China (FRB-SL)
U.S. Sanctions Russia and Chinese Tech Firms as Alleged North Korean Front Companies (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: GM Recalls 1 Million Pickups and SUVs for Crash Risk (W)
FANGs: Apple’s Challenge: Win Over China With Pricey New iPhones (W)
Financials: Goldman’s Next CEO Replaces Finance Chief, Names Deputy (W)
Retail: Forget Airline Miles. Retailers Pile on Perks for Big Spenders. (W)
Retail: How Tech is Drawing Shoppers Back to Bricks-and-Mortar Stores (W)

The First Flying-Car Review (W)
Driverless Hype Collides With Merciless Reality (W)
Why Being First in 5G Matters (W)

Bernanke Admits Fed Made Mistakes Combating Crisis 10 Years Ago (B)
The Jets May Be Good. This Is Bad. (W)