wiar 09-17-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

September 17 (Monday)

The Dow Gains 238 Points, Tariffs Be Damned (BR)
It’s Not All Tech. Small Stocks Are Powering the Market Higher. (W)
Evercore Says World-Beating S&P 500 Index Headed for New Highs (B)

Credit & currencies
The bond market is beginning to believe the Fed is serious about two more rate hikes this year (C)
Lehman-Era Alphabet Soup of Market Products Is Back on the Table (B)
Why the Euro Won’t Replace the Dollar (BR)
The (Debt) Clock Is Ticking (BR)

Industrial Production Rose in August (W)

Make America Germany Again (E)

China’s tech founders mostly keep an iron grip over their firms (E)

US politics
Trump’s Trade Fights With Mexico and China Weigh on GOP Incumbents (W)
Dimon Rules Out a Run in 2020, Regrets ‘Machismo’ in Trump Snub (B)
Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward (N)

Trade & cybersecurity
Trump prepares to squeeze China with new tariffs on $200 billion of goods, throwing talks in doubt (C)
China Weighs Skipping Trade Talks After U.S. Threats (W)
Why China could withstand the trade war far longer than Trump thinks (WP)
Tech’s New Problem: North Korea (W)

Industries & companies
FANGs: How Apple Got Upstaged (BR)
FANGs: Amazon Investigates Employees Leaking Data for Bribes (W)
Retail: #NikeBoycott Is Over. Why Activism Rarely Changes Sales. (W)
Tech: Dell Makes Its Case (W)

The Human Promise of the AI Revolution (W)
How to Buy a House the Wall Street Way (W)

Tallying the Economic Scars of a Hurricane (W)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s new $2 billion philanthropic fund faces many unanswered questions (C)