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October 01 (Monday)

U.S. Stocks Open Fourth Quarter Near Record Highs (W)
The Stock Market Follows a Pattern in Election Years. Maybe Not This Time (BR)
The Stock Market Is Ignoring the Brett Kavanaugh Hurricane. For Now (BR)
Housing’s Hard Lesson for Stocks (BR)
The New Way to Bet Against the Market (BR)
After Another Quarter of Losses, Is Worst Over for Commodities? (B)

Central banks
What Is the Federal Reserve Really Up To? (BR)

Labor Market Opens Up for Part-Time Workers (W)
Core Inflation Remained Near Fed’s Target in August (W)
Druckenmiller Sees ‘Massive’ Debt Fueling Next Financial Crisis (B)

China’s Economy Losing Steam as Trade Fight Starts to Bite (W)
China’s Manufacturers Slow in September as Trade War Worsens (B)

US politics
What a Pivotal Midterm Election Could Mean for Investors (BR)
The Midterm Elections Could Give These Health-Care Stocks a Boost (BR)
White House Questioned on Role in Kavanaugh Probe (W)
Supreme Court Opens New Term Without Ninth Justice in Place (W)
Outside money is flooding into the tightest House races ahead of midterm election (C)
California governor signs law mandating women on corporate boards of publicly-traded companies (C)

Geopolitics & trade
President Trump’s Nafta Deal With Canada Is Close (B)
U.S., Canada Near a Deal on Nafta as Midnight Deadline Looms (W)
China, Russia Criticize U.S. in U.N. Remarks (W)
U.S. Navy Warship Sails Near Disputed Islands, Challenging China (W)
America is trying to change the way trade rows are settled (E)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Procter & Gamble Tries to Break a Cycle of Stagnation (W)
FANGs: Facebook Faces Potential $1.63 Billion Fine (W)
FANGs: Facebook’s Worst Security Breach Hammers User Trust Once Again (B)
FANGs: Satellite company teams up with Amazon to bring internet connectivity to the ‘whole planet’ (C)
Tech: Tencent Targets Business Customers in Restructuring Plan (W)

Corporate finance
European M&A Loses Pace With Drop in Mega Deals (W)

The QWERTY Days Are Almost Over (W)

SEC settles with Tesla’s Elon Musk, will remain CEO but relinquish board chair and pay $20M fine (C)
Order the Steak! Client Meal Deductions Will Be Allowed (W)