wiar 10-30-18

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October 30 (Tuesday)

U.S. Stocks Fall, Tech Sinks on Fresh Trade Angst (B)
Never Mind the Fed: Reliable S&P 500 Rescuer Poised to Return [Buybacks] (B)
Here’s what could turn this stock market sell-off around according to investors (C)
Morgan Stanley breaks with rest of Street, thinks October sell-off is ‘morphing’ into a bear market (C)
Treasury Expects to Issue Over $1 Trillion in Debt in 2018 (W)

Central banks
Trump is right: The Fed has raised interest rates too fast (NYP)
The Fed may have to make an important adjustment to the way it’s raising rates (C)

Fed Hits Inflation Double-Bullseye (B)
Tame Inflation Keeps Fed on Track (W)

Merkel Legacy Is a German Jobs Boom for Europe’s Star Economy (B)
A Weakened Merkel Steps Down as Party Chief, Bolstering Rivals (W)
U.K. to Roll Out Developed World’s First ‘Digital’ Tax (W)

Brazil’s Monster Rally Due for Reality Check After Bolsonaro Win (B)

US politics
Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges Amid Wave of Pre-Midterm Violence (B)
Health Care Remains a Hot-Button Issue (W)

Geopolitics & trade
US reportedly planning tariffs on remaining $257 billion in Chinese goods if Trump-Xi talks fail (C)
Twelve executives explain how Trump’s trade war and U.S.-China tariffs are hurting their companies (C)
Military to Increase Southern Border Deployment to 5,000 (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Boeing shares plunge the most since 2016 after opening the day higher (C)
FANGs: Amazon shares are cratering — down 6% today, down 23% in the past month (C)
FANGs: Traders are making a boatload betting against once-beloved FAANG stocks (C)
Financials: Credit-Card Spending Limits in Focus as Issuers Grow Cautious (W)
Financials: Fed Prepares New Way to Tailor Rules for Big Banks (W)
Retail: Retail analyst: Holiday season without Toys R Us is ‘good news’ for certain retailers (C)
Tech: U.S. to Restrict Chinese Chip Maker From Doing Business With American Firms (W)
Tech: Upgrade? No Thanks. Americans Are Sticking With Their Old Phones (W)