wiar 10-31-18

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October 31 (Wednesday)

Goldman Sachs: Market mayhem has gotten out of hand. Stocks will rebound (NBC)
Daily Markets Overview

Dow pops 350 points as stocks pare steep October losses (C)
Rising Rates Threaten a Bull-Market Mantra (W)
‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says ‘damage done to the stock market’ is much, much worse’ than anyone is talking about (MW)
Opinion: If you weren’t yet worried about the stock market, you should be now (MW)
Growth vs value debate rages on as volatility slams the market — here’s what investors say to buy (C)
Whatever the Stock Market’s Problem, It’s Worse in Tech Shares (B)

China Sets Official Yuan Rate at Weakest in a Decade (W)

U.S. consumer confidence at 18-year high; house price gains slow (R)
U.S. Consumers Show Little Evidence of Pain From Rout in Stocks (B)

Home Prices Continue to Lose Momentum (W)
Millennial Buyers Drive Uptick In U.S. Homeownership (W)
Baby Boomers Are Living at Home. That’s Bad News for Senior-Housing Developers. (W)
Southern California suffers its worst housing slump in over a decade (C)

Eurozone Growth Stutters as U.S. Economy Powers Ahead (W)

US politics
Trump Says Stock Market Taking ‘A Little Pause’ Before Midterms (B)
U.S. House Speaker Ryan rejects Trump plan on birthright citizenship: Washington Post (R)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump says he expects ‘great deal’ with China, but more tariffs if not (R)
U.S. Ban Threatens China’s Ambitions as Tech Power (W)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Coca-Cola Gets Lift From a Perennial Laggard: Diet Coke (W)
FANGs: Apple Raises Prices on New MacBook Air, iPad Pro (W)
FANGs: Apple’s new iPads just took a major leap forward (C)
Industrials: GE plunges 10% to below $10 a share after analysts say dividend cut to a penny may not be enough (C)
Industrials: GE Tumbles to 2009 Low After Accounting Probe Adds to CEO’s Woes (B)

The world’s first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future (C)
This headband reads brain waves to help you meditate — here’s what happened when we tried it out (C)