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November 01 (Thursday)

Stocks Rally to Two-Week High on Technology Surge (B)
Why Thursday will be the make-or-break day for the stock market (MW)
The stock market lost more than $2 trillion in October. Here’s what happened (C)
Equity and Quant Hedge Funds Hit Hardest by Stock Market Rout (B)
Stock market faces more potential turbulence in November as G-20 summit, elections loom (C)

Credit & currencies
Corporate Debt Is Heading for Worst Month Since February’s Sell-Off (B)
U.S Debt Sales Top Crisis-Era Levels as Fiscal Bump Spurs Growth (B)
Three Reasons Why the Yuan Won’t Breach 7 Per U.S. Dollar (B)

Wages and salaries jump by 3.1%, highest level in a decade (C)
U.S. Companies Add More Workers Than Forecast, ADP Data Show (B)
That Big Mac and Coke Now Comes With a Side Order of Inflation (W)
The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills (C)
The problem with housing is prices have recovered but demand hasn’t: Real estate mogul Sam Zell (C)

US politics
Nancy Pelosi is confident the Democrats will gain 30 seats and flip the House (C)
Trump rips Paul Ryan over birthright citizenship comments, with days to go before midterms (C)
What Trump’s proposed birthright citizenship order could do to the children of immigrants (MW)
Money is pouring into Florida at the last minute as Trump and Obama battle to sway midterm voters (C)
White House Says Companies Pledge to Create More Job-Training Opportunities (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump advisor Larry Kudlow: ‘Nothing is set in stone right now’ on new China tariffs (C)
Some Foreign-Owned Firms Got a Pass on Steel Tariffs, and Elizabeth Warren Is Asking Why (W)
The America-Free TPP Is a Done Deal (W)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Kellogg on pace for worst trading day in 20 years company as slashes 2018 outlook (C)
FANGs: Here’s what every major Wall Street analyst is saying about Facebook’s ‘impressive’ earnings report (C)
FANGs: Facebook separates Workplace from main Facebook site to appease business customers (C)
Financials: Fed sets new rules to ease regulations on smaller banks (C)
Industrials: GE Credit Rating Cut by Moody’s on Power Unit’s Deepening Woes (B)
Tech: Samsung Chalks Up Another Record, but Phones Are a Worry (W)