wiar 12-29-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

December 29 (Saurday)

Stocks wrap up 2 weeks of ‘disturbing’ moves (C)
Humans, Machines and Markets: Stocks Going Crazy Is Nothing New (B)
One Theory for the Giant Stock Rebound Is a $60 Billion Pension Frenzy (B)
Battered Global Investors Find an Unlikely Safe Space: Chinese Bonds (W)

Central banks
PBOC Signals Monetary Policy May Not Ease as Much as Some Hope (B)

Pending home sales fall unexpectedly in November (C)
U.S. Economy Fuels Boom in Consumer Debt (W)
The ‘Giant Sucking Sound’ Is High-Skilled Workers Leaving U.S. (RCM)

US politics
Trump Threatens to Close Border Over Funding Impasse (W)
Michael Cohen says ‘Mueller knows everything,’ denies new report about alleged Prague meeting (C)
Angelina Jolie doesn’t rule out move into politics (C)

Geopolitics & trade
Is China buying U.S. soy? Washington shutdown keeps traders guessing (R)
Trade wars cost U.S., China billions of dollars each in 2018 (R)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Adds Ellison, Musk’s ‘Close Friend,’ to Board (W)
FAANGs: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Says Problems Will Take Years to Fix (B)
Financials: Wells Fargo to Pay States $575 Million to Settle Customer Harm Claims (W)
Retail: Toy Sellers Fall Short Without Toys ‘R’ Us in Critical Season (W)

Corporate finance
Shutdown Casts Chill Over IPO Market (W)
Sears wins reprieve from liquidation as Chairman Lampert makes last-minute bid on bankrupt company (C)
Dell Returns to Public Stock Markets (W)

North Korea Built an Alternative Financial System Using a Shadowy Network of Traders (W)
Chinese Gene-Editing Trial Loses Track of Patients, Alarming Technology’s Inventors (W)