wiar 01-05-19

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January 5 (Saturday)

Dow surges more than 700 points after Powell comments, blowout jobs report (C)
Stocks Gain as Powell Signals Patience on Rates (W)
Powell to markets: Fed is flexible and aware of risks (R)
Fed chief Powell gave the markets the message they wanted (C)

Central banks
Powell’s Tune Changed as Markets Melted Down (B)
Powell says Fed ‘will be patient’ with monetary policy as it watches how economy performs (C)
U.S. economic growth likely to slow in 2019: Fed’s Barkin (R)
China Easing Expected as $625 Billion ‘Liquidity Hole’ Opens Up (B)

U.S. Adds 312,000 Jobs in December (W)
Upbeat employment report underscores U.S. economic strength (R)
Top Trump Economic Adviser Kudlow Says ‘No Recession in Sight’ (B)
The surge in online-shopping returns has boosted the warehouse sector (C)
Leveraged Loan Investors Worry Good Times Will Soon Haunt Them (B)

The China Story That Is Far Bigger Than Apple (W)
Apple’s stark warning may be ominous news for China (WP)
China Moves to Ramp Up Lending to Small Businesses (W)

US politics
Trump threatened to keep the government closed for ‘months or even years’ in meeting with top Democrats (C)
Federal shutdown means tax refund delays and no IRS customer service (C)
House Passes Spending Package in Bid to End Shutdown (W)
Trump is considering using emergency powers to build a border wall (C)

Geopolitics & trade
China’s economic woes put U.S. in strong position in trade talks: Trump (R)
White House advisor Kudlow says Apple technology may have been ‘picked off’ by China (C)
Turkey Seeks Major U.S. Military Support to Adopt Fight in Syria (W)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Apple Beware: Samsung’s Great Fall in China Was Swift (W)
Retail: Lowe’s looks to hire 65,000 new employees in tightest labor market in decades (C)

AT&T 5G goes live this week with ridiculously overpowered hotspot
Don’t buy a 5G smartphone—at least, not for a while

Marriott Says Hackers Swiped Millions of Passport Numbers (W)
Massive Leak Strikes Germany’s Political Class (W)

As housing costs remain high, parents buy homes to give their kids a leg up (MW)
The $9 Billion Upcharge: How Insurers Kept Cash From Medicare (W)
Ocasio-Cortez suggests individual tax rates as high as 70% (MW)