wiar 01-10-19

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January 10 (Thursday)

Stocks Jump as Fed Shifts on Rates (W)
Stock market comeback faces big test with earnings season starting (C)
We’re finding out now why the stock market tanked in December (C)
Trump Wants Trade Deal With China to Boost Stocks, Sources Say (B)
Computer Models to Investors: Short Everything (W)

Credit & currencies
Should You Fear the Yield Curve? (W)
China’s Currency Proves a Surprise Oasis of Calm (W)

Central banks
FOMC Minutes (FRB)
Fed Minutes Make Powell’s Press Conference Look Like a Flub (B)
Fed Is Unlikely to Raise Rates in Next Months (W)
Most New Voting Members of Fed Back Rate Pause (W)

Roadmap to a second Brexit referendum: Here’s how pro-EU campaigners want to make it happen (C)

China’s slowdown is the biggest threat to world economy (WP)
Belt and Road Is More Chaos Than Conspiracy (B)

US politics
Trump calls meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a ‘total waste of time’ after he storms out (C)
Trump Nears Declaration Of Crisis as Talks Collapse (W)
Tom Steyer Won’t Run for President, Will Focus Efforts on Trump Impeachment (W)
Infrastructure Projects May Start Feeling the Bite of Government Shutdown (W)
Trump Poised for Battle With His Own Party on Trade-War Powers (B)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. and China Make Progress on Trade, but Major Hurdles Remain (W)
U.S. Pushes China on Promises After ‘In-Depth’ Trade Meetings (B)
Beijing says latest US-China trade talks were extensive, promoted mutual understanding (C)

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford unveils the new 2020 Explorer, the popular SUV’s first redesign in 8 years (C)
FAANGs: Apple’s Tim Cook Gets 22% Increase in Pay (W)
Industrials: What GE Needs to Do to Avoid Junk Territory (W)

Corporate finance
Shutdown Paralyzes IPOs, Imperiling Expectations for 2019 (W)

Beware the 5G Hype: Wireless Rivals Fuel Confusion (W)

Jeff Bezos and His Wife, MacKenzie, Are Divorcing (W)
El Chapo was brought down by his own IT guy (P)