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February 04 (Monday)

YRI Video Podcast. Recession: Waiting for Godot
Daily Markets Overview

The Fed Fuels Stocks’ Dizzy Ride (BR)
Dollar Vortex Puts Chill on Earnings That May Get Worse (B)
Bond Rally Suggests Stock Rebound Could Reverse (W)
How China Pressured MSCI to Add Its Market to Major Benchmark (W)

Central banks
Can the Fed Stave Off the Next Recession? (BR)
Powell Marks One Year on the Job as Fed Turns Dovish (B)
Rates Experts Work to Decode Enigma of Fed Balance-Sheet Pivot (B)

Opinion: The U.S. economy is fundamentally strong — for now (MW)
JPMorgan Says 2020 ‘Might Not Be Year to Think About Recession’ (B)
Weak Economic Growth? Blame the Polar Vortex (BR)
US infrastructure is crumbling, and it needs lots of money to fix it: Civil engineer group (C)
Over 60, and Crushed by Student Loan Debt (W)
Millennials have been called the ‘brokest’ and the ‘richest’ generation, and experts say both of those are true (BI)

Can China Turn the Middle of Nowhere Into the Center of the World Economy? (N)

Bullish on Brazilian Stocks? Be Cautious (BR)

US politics
Some Companies Realize Tax-Cut Gains Are Smaller Than Appeared (W)
Why Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Work
Two Huge Effects Of Trump’s Economic Policies: Jobs Surge In Both Manufacturing And Low Tax States (F)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump wants US military to stay in Iraq to ‘watch Iran’ (C)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Morgan Stanley: Here’s how Apple could send its stock soaring by 27% this year (C)
FAANGs: Jeff Bezos used to hate spending money on ads, but told employees in November he ‘changed his mind’ (C)
FAANGs: Why Amazon Will Never Buy FedEx (BR)