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February 14 (Thursday)

U.S.-China Trade Optimism Drives Stocks Higher (W)
China’s Stock Traders Are Snapping Up Everything 5G (B)
Trump will get the weak dollar he likes from a China trade deal but not if he goes after Europe (C)
What Shutdown? Bond Market Sees No Risk as Capital Sells Debt (B)

Central banks
Fed Officials’ Views on the Economy Have Converged: It’s in a Good Place (B)

Worker wage gains are keeping up with inflation, and then some (C)
Energy Prices Hold Down Overall U.S. Inflation (W)
Goldman CEO says US economy still ‘chugging along,’ chance of recession quite small (C)
Goldman Sachs Says U.S. Exposure to the Global Slump Has Intensified (B)
That $22 trillion national debt number is huge, but here’s what it really means (C)
U.S. Tax Revenues Fall, Deficit Widens in Wake of New Tax Law (W)

Japan’s Economic Rebound From Natural Disasters Fails to Impress (B)

China’s bad debt managers risk becoming bad credits themselves (R)

US politics
Border-Security Deal Nears a Vote (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Says China Trade Talks Going ‘Very Well’ Ahead of Deadline (B)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Apple’s big services push will reportedly kick off with a March 25 event (C)
FAANGs: Apple is targeting April to launch its new video service: Netflix not included, HBO in doubt (C)
FAANGs: Amazon Slashed Prices at Whole Foods; Now They’re Going Up (W)
FAANGs: Google will spend $13 billion on U.S. real estate in 2019 (C)
Financials: AIG Narrows Losses in Fourth Quarter (W)
Financials: The Hot Trade in the Housing Market: Servicing Your Mortgage (W)
Industrials: GE Power Has a $92 Billion Backlog. For the New Boss, That’s a Problem. (W)
Tech: Cisco Evades Trade Fallout as Revenue, Profit Rise (W)

Corporate finance
Johnson & Johnson to Buy Surgical Robotics Maker Auris (W)
Levi Strauss Looks Beyond Jeans With IPO (W)
There’s a looming threat for the stock market and it has nothing to do with China (C)
Senators should stay away from limiting stock buybacks (P)

Technology & cybersecurity
Amazon has ‘no limit’ on how it can store and listen to private conversations, claims Facebook’s first president (C)
Driverless Car Data Shows Robots Still Need Humans (W)
The great Equifax mystery: the stolen data has never been found, and experts are starting to suspect a spy scheme (C)

Richard Branson: World’s wealthiest ‘deserve heavy taxes’ if they don’t make capitalism more inclusive (C)
Former Fed Vice Chairman Fischer to Join BlackRock (W)