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February 18 (Monday)

YRI Video Podcast: Lipstick on a Pig: US Federal Government Debt
Daily Markets Overview

As Wall Street rallies on US-China trade hopes, bond investors may be worried about a recession (C)
Blame Stocks for the Retail Slump (BR)
Investors Get Burned After Betting on Electric-Car Metals (W)
Why Dividend Investors Should Look to Oil Stocks for Big Yields (BR)

Central banks
ECB Eyes Data as Slowdown Proves ‘Significant,’ Villeroy Says (B)
Europe Playing Catch-Up on New Benchmark Rates (W)
The Federal Reserve Seems Oblivious to a Coming Crisis (BR)

Contradictory Data Confound Economists (W)
Earnings Growth Slows, Inflation Estimates Drop (BR)
Corporate Credit Could Be the Next Bubble to Burst (BR)
Worry About Debt? Not So Fast, Some Economists Say (W)
U.S. Student Debt in ‘Serious Delinquency’ Tops $166 Billion (B)

US politics
Millennial socialism (E)
Democrats Ready to Challenge Trump’s Emergency Move (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Chinese, U.S. Trade Negotiators Inch Toward a Broad Agreement (W)
Trump urges European allies to take back hundreds of ISIS fighters captured in Syria (C)
Pence’s Calls to Pressure Iran Fall on Deaf Ears in Europe (W)

Industries & companies
Conglomerates: Loews: A Conglomerate That Investors Can Love (BR)
Telecom: A U.S. Ban of Huawei Would Reshape the Telecom Market—and Boost These Stocks (BR)

Corporate finance
Tech bankers are making their money in the enterprise while Facebook and Google stay quiet (C)

Bill Gates Says Taxing Capital Gains Is the Best Way to Tap ‘Big Fortunes’ (B)
Japan’s Abe nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize — reportedly after the US asked him to (C)