wiar 02-19-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

February 19 (Tuesday)

World stocks lifted to 2 1/2-month highs by trade optimism (R)
Hulbert: Why the stock market might soon careen down a dangerous ‘slope of hope’ (MW)
Bank for Japanese Farmers That Fuels the Global Lending Market (W)

Central banks
A China Interest-Rate Cut May Be on its Way. But Which Rate? (B)

Negative Yields Mount Along With Europe’s Problems (W)
In a Volatile World, Europe Struggles to Find Its Voice (W)

US politics
Trump lashes out at Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein over Russia probe, suggests ‘treasonous’ behavior (C)
McCabe says ‘crime may have been committed’ by Trump (MW)
California AG: At least 13 states suing over Trump’s national emergency (C)
Trump’s Border Wall Faces Texas-Size Backlash From Landowners (B)
Voter Initiatives, Including Medicaid Expansion, Could Get Harder to Pass (W)

Geopolitics & trade
China accuses US of trying to block its tech development by stoking cybersecurity fears (C)
U.S. Insists Europe Is Following Trump’s Lead. Cue Awkward Silence (B)
EU’s Juncker expects Trump to refrain from imposing higher tariffs on cars (R)
Global Car Markets Are in Reverse. Trump Is Making It Worse (B)
Auto industry lines up against possible U.S. tariffs (R)

Industries & companies
Airlines: FAA Probes Southwest Airlines Over Baggage Weight Discrepancies (W)
Autos: Discounts on SUVs Are Getting Bigger as Dealer Inventories Rise (W)
FAANGs: Apple’s Executive Shake-Up Readies Company for Life After iPhone (W)
Media: Netflix bids adieu to The Punisher, Jessica Jones and licensing superhero projects from Marvel (C)
Retail: Walgreens and CVS are redesigning their drugstores to focus more on health. Here’s how they compare (C)

Corporate finance
Navient rejects $3.2 billion takeover bid from Canyon Capital and Platinum Equity (C)

Berkshire’s Charlie Munger has a very blunt response to those ‘driving rich people away’ as Amazon scraps HQ2 (MW)
Growing market economy threatens North Korea’s ‘socialist utopia’ (R)