wiar 02-26-19

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February 26 (Tuesday)

It’s the best start for the stock market in 32 years by one measure — so why is Wall Street so uneasy? (MW)
Stocks Pushed Higher by Tariff Delay (W)
This Stock Market Rally Has Everything, Except Investors (N)
Investors counting on a big rally when China and US trade talks conclude could be disappointed (C)
Unloved Part of Treasury Curve Keeps Signaling a U.S. Recession (B)

Central banks
Fed’s Clarida Says Bond Market Signals Warrant Attention (W)
Fed’s Bostic Expects One Rate Rise This Year, Another in 2020 (W)
The Federal Reserve needs to update its thinking on inflation (P)
Fed’s Powell heads to Congress amid shifting landscape (R)
Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Far from retired, nowhere near done

US politics
Janet Yellen says Trump has a ‘lack of understanding’ of Fed policies and the economy (C)
Trump’s SALT Cap Is a Hurdle for Balanced N.J. Budget, S&P Says (B)
Want a Green New Deal? Here’s a better one. (WP)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump says ‘signing summit’ with Xi for U.S.-China deal possible soon (R)
The US government just made clear it’s going to go after all tech from Chinese companies (C)
How North Korea’s Economy Defies Sanctions (W)
What’s a Current Account Deficit and Who’s Worried? (B)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla shares fall after SEC asks judge to hold Elon Musk in contempt for violating deal (C)
FAANGs: Google Is the Best—and the Worst— Wireless Carrier (W)
Financials: Bank of America to Drop Merrill Lynch Name From Some Businesses (W)
Financials: Apple’s Deal With Goldman Has Wall Street on Defense (W)
Industrials: GE to Sell Its Biotech Business to Danaher For $21 Billion (W)
Pharma: Pharmaceutical Industry CEOs Face Senate Hearing on Drug Prices (W)
Retail: Wayfair’s 78% Surge Hits Short Sellers With $1 Billion in Losses (B)
Tech: Etsy Stock Rises, as Users and Sellers Grow (W)
Tech: Microsoft is pitching its most futuristic technology to businesses instead of trying to wow consumers (C)

Ocasio-Cortez asks if climate change means we should stop having kids (P)
Revealed: How The CBO Saved ObamaCare With Bogus Forecasts (IBD)