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March 04 (Monday)

Video Podcast: Chauncey Gardiner on GDP, “There will be growth in the spring.”
Don’t listen to ‘alarmists’ over earnings slowdown, Ed Yardeni says it’s an ideal time to be in stocks (C)
Daily Markets Overview

Stocks Sprint to Best Start in 28 Years (BR)
The Dow Just Had Its Best Two Months in Years — and There Could Be More to Come (BR)
Why Chinese Shares Are Soaring: News That’s Less Bad Than Expected (W)
How to Think About Stocks and Bonds in a Bear Market (W)

Central banks
Will a worsening outlook for inflation force the ECB to act? (E)
The Fed Faces a New World (BR)
The Federal Reserve reviews its monetary-policy framework (E)
Jim Grant: The Danger Lurking in the Fed’s Monetary Policy (BR)

US politics
House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler says Trump obstructed justice, will request documents from 60-plus people in president’s circle (C)
Trump says ‘I am an innocent man,’ calls special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe ‘illegal’ (C)
Biden Leans Toward Another Run, While Heart of His Party Has Shifted (W)
Do Budget Deficits Matter? Not to Today’s Left or Right (BR)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S., China Close In on Trade Deal (W)
Even Before Trump and Kim Met, Nuclear Talks Had Run Aground (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Makes Record $920 Million Payment for Convertible Bond (W)
Autos: Tesla Is Betting It Can Sell Cars Online, Without a Test Drive (W)
Autos: Subaru Recalls Cars to Fix Glitch Possibly Caused by Fabric Softener (W)
Consumer: Here’s the Real Problem For Big Food Companies (BR)
Consumer: Kraft Heinz and its investors taste the food industry’s woes (E)
Consumer: What’s Eating Weight Watchers Stock (BR)
Financials: The Problem for Small-Town Banks: People Want High-Tech Services (W)
Materials: Vale Could Face $7 Billion Fine in Connection With Audit of Mining Dam That Preceded Collapse (W)
Media: For AT&T, No More Fiefdoms at HBO and Turner (W)
Media: The future of cable may be no TV at all, as one small company from Arizona shows (C)
Pharma: Why Big Pharma Is Diving Into Gene Therapy (BR)
Tech: The New Foldable Phones Could Be the Next Big Thing (BR)

Corporate finance
Lyft Kick-Starts a Banner Year for Technology IPOs (W)
Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank would gain little by merging (E)

SpaceX Capsule Lifts Off for Long-Delayed Test Flight (W)
Weapon Makers Declare War on Drones (W)

Accused of corruption, Binyamin Netanyahu vows to fight on (E)
Help, We’re Drowning in Recycling! Cue the ‘Internet of Trash’ (W)
Climate change and population growth are making the world’s water woes more urgent (E)