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March 11 (Monday)

Video Podcast. Happy Birthday to the Bull Market!
The Conventional Wisdom About Stock Buybacks Is Wrong (B)
Daily Markets Overview

How Big Tech Has Powered Global Stocks (W)
Riskier Stocks Are Paying Off (W)
The Case for Avoiding U.S. Stocks and Buying Asia Instead (BR)
Europe’s Most Important Bond Edges Back Toward Negative Territory (W)

Central banks
Dramatic policy reversals by central banks are intensifying global growth (C)
Central Banks Play a Game of Risk Management (W)
Fed Chairman Powell Sees No Need to Change Rate Policy (W) | Transcript
Fed Chair Powell: ‘The law is clear,’ Trump can’t fire me (C)
India Central Bank Is Having Trouble Getting Banks to Cut Rates (B)

Trump’s budget will project 3% GDP growth over the next few years – defying consensus forecasts (C)

Japanese Workers Can Expect Smaller Raises This Year (B)

The Bank With India’s Worst Bad Debt Will Sell $1.4 Billion of Loans (B)

US politics
‘Medicare-for-all’ vs. the public option: Health care could shape the Democratic primary race (C)
Trump to Request $8.6 Billion for Border Wall in 2020 Budget (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Why the Record Trade Gap Is No Big Deal (BR)
Trump Kept Allies at Bay in China Trade Talks (W)
A Russian Gas Pipeline Is Driving a Wedge Between the U.S. and Its Allies (W)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Boeing’s top-selling plane is set for new scrutiny after second deadly crash in 5 months (C)
Aerospace: Two Short, Erratic Flights End in Tragedy: Could They Be Linked? (B)
Aerospace: China Grounds Domestic Boeing 737 Max Jets, Caijing Says (B)
Autos: Landlords to Tesla: You’re Still on the Hook for Your Store Leases (W)
Energy: Offshore Oil Drilling Stocks Are Energy Bargains (BR)
Home Builders: Times Are Tough for Home Builders. But Here Are a Few Winners (BR)
Media: ‘Captain Marvel’ dominates the box office in another stellar superhero opening weekend for Disney (C)
Retail: At SXSW this year, Walmart bills itself as a tech company (C)
Tech: I Want to Stop Liking Microsoft Again. Why Is It So Hard? (BR)
Tech: Intel Is Finally Getting New Blood and That’s Good News for Investors (BR)

DNA testing company 23andMe is hoping to reach millions more users with a new genetic report on diabetes (C)