wiar 03-12-19

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March 12 (Tuesday)

Dow rallies 200 points as Apple gain offsets big Boeing decline (C)
Tech Gains Lift Stock Benchmarks (W)
The Bull Market Began 10 Years Ago. Why Aren’t More People Celebrating? (N)
On bull market’s 10th anniversary, can stock investors shrug off latest gloom? (MW)
Morgan Stanley: The stock market correction isn’t over as evidence builds for a further slowdown (C)
Investors Are Winning More Treasury Auctions (W)

Central banks
Why rising wages could push the Fed toward more rate hikes yet (C)

Global Economy Hits Its Weakest Spell Since Financial Crisis (B)

U.S. Retail Sales Rise in January, Stabilizing After a Slump (B)
A Really Bad Retail Sales Report (W)
Drop In February Inflation Expectations, N.Y. Fed Report Says (W)
Sum of All U.S. Credit Fears Sinks to Almost Five-Year Low (B)

London’s Finance Industry Has Decided: Brexit Is Already a Reality (W)

US politics
White House Proposes $4.7 Trillion Budget for Fiscal 2020 (W)
White House Budget Would Cut Safety Net, Boost Defense (W)
White House Proposes to Cut Labor Department Funding by Nearly 10% (W)
Why Ocasio-Cortez’s trendy brand of ‘socialism’ is doomed to fail (N)
Modern Monetary Theory is the Democrats’ intellectual breakthrough du jour

Geopolitics & trade
This Is What To Watch Next With Chinese Trade Negotiations (B)
U.S. Tells Germany to Drop Huawei or See Intelligence Sharing Pared Back (W)
Russia’s Economic Clout in Europe Grows Despite Sanctions, Study Says (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: US airlines try to calm nervous travelers after fatal crash of Boeing 737 MAX jet in Ethiopia (C)
Airlines: Boeing Shares on Track for Worst Day Since 2016 (W)
Airlines: FAA Says Boeing 737 Max Remains Airworthy Despite Latest Crash (B)
Autos: Tesla, in Reversal, to Keep More Stores Open (W)
FAANGs: Apple announces event for March 25 where streaming TV and subscription news services are expected (C)

Corporate finance
Nvidia to Acquire Mellanox for Roughly $7 Billion (W)
Amazon’s Zero Tax Liability Comes from Bipartisan Consensus

Tonight’s Dinner? In a Cooler-Sized Robot That Knows Where You Live (W)

Bigger Than E*Trade: A Chinese Online Broker Soars (W)
Smartphone Addicts’ New Tactic to Break Their Habit: Buy a Second Phone (W)