wiar 03-13-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

March 13 (Wednesday)

Markets I
S&P 500 Rises as Investors Weigh Inflation Data (W)
Chips are on a tear, and one Dow stock could be on its way back to recent highs (C)
Boeing’s Crisis Hit Airline Stocks. The Market Is Overreacting. (MW)

Markets II
China’s Night Traders Are Moving U.S. Stocks (W)
Small Stocks’ Slide Prompts Concern (W)
U.S. Cuts Oil Production Forecast for the First Time in 6 Months (B)
Quant Funds Hit By Misfiring Strategies (B)

Global debt is up 50% over the past decade, but S&P still says next crisis won’t be as bad (C)

Central banks
ECB Calls General Idea Behind MMT a ‘Dangerous Proposition’ (B)
As Fed Ponders a New Lever, Here’s Wall Street’s View (B)

U.S. Workers Gain From Rising Wages, Low Inflation (W)
Is There a Future for Good Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S.? (N)

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is rejected again: Here’s what happens next (C)

US politics
Trump pledged to protect Medicare and Medicaid, but his 2020 budget calls for major spending cuts (C)
Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is not going over well at one of the year’s biggest energy gatherings (C)
White House Might Put Colleges on the Hook for Student Loans (W)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S.-China Trade Deal Is Getting Closer, Lighthizer Says (W)
U.S. energy exports a lever in trade talks with China: Perry (R)
America’s Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid (W)
U.S. working on steel, aluminum tariff relief for Mexico, Canada: trade chief (R)
In Private Talks, OPEC Warns Wall Street on NOPEC (B)
Momentum Slips for Auto Tariffs (W)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Boeing 737 Max’s world is getting smaller: These countries have grounded the jet (MW)
Aerospace: Boeing to Update 737 MAX Software as Groundings Spread (W)
Aerospace: Boeing 737 MAX: The Latest Example of a Passive DOT (W)
Autos: Honda to recall 1.2 million vehicles in North America to replace Takata airbags (R)
Defense: Army’s Five-Year Plan Outlines a $25 Billion Shift in Weaponry (B)
FAANGs: iPhone Trends Going ‘From Bad to Worse,’ Longbow Research Says (B)
Health Care: UnitedHealth to Require Drug Rebates Go to Consumers (W)

Corporate finance
Disney Sets March 20 Closing Date for Fox Assets Deal (W)

Cybersecurity & technology
Navy, Contractors ‘Under Cyber Siege’ by Chinese Hackers (W)
A 3-D-Printed Family Home? Texas Startup Says Yes (W)

Fearing the collapse of civilization, ‘BirthStrikers’ vow to not have kids (MW)
Fire Warren Buffett? Investors obsessed with quarterly performance probably would (C)
Celebrity Parents and Coaches Charged in Vast College-Entrance Bribery Scheme  (B)
The Web turns 30 today — this is the feedback its inventor got when he pitched the idea to his boss in 1989 (C)